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Progressive Web Apps

Get interactive app-like experience on web

We build fast, robust and reliable Progressive Web Apps that are delivered directly through the web to help your business be in par with the changing technology. Leverage our light yet powerful PWAs to help you drive more users to engage with your product and brand.



PWAs offer great user experience, helping users to discover more and be in comfort with you product. They are secure, fast, and reliable.


Just as the name suggests, they are super progressive, which means you can run them on any device and they are supported by all browsers.

Highly engaging

Keeping users engaged on a web page is the big challenge. But with PWA, that becomes just as easy with their app-like look and feel, push notifications, predictive analytics, and other exciting features.

Works well with slow internet

Since they consume less data than a typical native app, PWAs work faster even in poor internet connection.

Increased conversion rate

With a smooth interface and responsive nature, PWAs responds quickly to users with a fluid and uninterrupted user experience, leading to enhanced user retention and increased conversion rate.

Quick installation

Get rid of complicated installation process. PWAs come with a simple link which can used across devices and access the product in a jiffy.

Single Page Applications (SPA)

SPAs are the current rage. They load super fast and responds to user interactions in almost real-time. We develop lean, light, and agile single page applications that give several advantages over static and dynamic web pages. If zero wait-time and quick interactions are your priority, then SPA is just what your business needs.

Advanced Solutions

Complex projects demand sophisticated technologies. So, we are always abreast with the changing trends and we are fully equipped with the most latest and ready-to-be deployed advanced solutions to help businesses meet their exclusive needs.

Here are some of our advanced offerings:

  • Server Side Rendering (Angular Universal)
  • NgRX for State Management
  • Multi-tenant Architecture
  • Replica Sets and Sharding for effective scaling of apps

Service Workers

Service worker does a lot for you in the background. It takes care of the heavy lifting, considerably reducing the wait-time, thus providing a smooth hassle-free user experience for the end-users. It’s a handy solution for projects that rely on huge database, and is specifically designed to aid the Content Management System (CMS) and Client Relationship Management (CRM) of a business.


Seamlessly transform your web app into a desktop app

Electron is a fascinating and valuable cross-platform tool, which helps you to transform web apps into desktop app. It lets you to build a single application and run it on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux, helping businesses to create scalable and platform-specific solutions.

Web development process flow

Deep Research

Necessary research is carried out to figure out the most feasible and apt solution for the project.

Experience Designing

UI and UX design principles are applied and a detailed print is laid out for development

Development & Testing

The product is developed and constantly tested until the desired usability is achieved.

Post-app Support

A seamless collaboration thread is provided to ensure the product is in good shape.


Content Management System (CMS)

Store, manage, update, integrate digital content through our out-of-the box, fully customized enterprise-grade Content Management Solutions. Improve your organizational efficiency with a powerful CMS in the fold.


Leverage our expert know-hows on the eCommerce space with a wide range of solution offerings such as e-store development, app development, payment gateways, integrations, analytics and more.

Responsive Web Designs

Our platform-agnostic responsive web solutions deploy some of the most relevant and contemporary web technologies to create alluringly user-centric solutions designed to fluidly fit into any device and any platform.

Dashboards & Analytics

Add productive dimensions to your workspace through scalable, robust, customized dashboards. Take advantage of our end-to-end analytics tools to nurture, update and constantly monitor key insights.

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