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Piich solution is like a Swiss army knife for all your sales management needs. An ingeniously crafted solution that seamlessly fits to a multitude of industries, including Pharma, Retail, and Automotive.

Piich lets your sales team showcase products and services in a most captivating way, through high quality videos, images, sweeping 360 degree panoramic views. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Piich offerings

01 Sales(2)

• Manage leads, prospects, customers and accounts
• Track communications with contacts & sales team management
• GPS powered on-field sales app to track sales performance
• Create/purchase orders, track orders, plan & schedule meetings

02 Marketing(1)

• Create products, categories, and push them into the mobile app
• Manage videos, images, documents and collaterals
• Upload presentations to engage customers

03 crm(1)

• Manage customer contacts
• Manage Locations and Geographies
• Email, Activity Feeds
• Connect with stores, distributors & institutional customers

04 analytics(1)

• Create Retail Audit Reports and understand brand distribution
• Get availability and performance reports with Demographic Analytics

6 reasons that make Piich your preferred Sales Enablement Solution



Globally Scalable


Cutting edge

Completely yours

Piich workflow for field users

Work offline

Reps will always have the most up to date marketing collateral and CRM data on their devices—even when they are offline.

Insights on the go

Generate insights from real-time info. By combining CRM, ERP, and a mix of historical & live data, reps can plan, prepare, and tailor their interactions

Record interactions

Allows reps to record data and interactions pertaining to orders, TCOs, notes and other marketing materials, later to be used for reporting and future visits.

Share with prospects

After each visit, share notes with prospects and customers along with any selected content or other collateral via a microsite.

Piich solution across industries

healthcare industry

Management solution
for retail market

Smart management
for Real Estate sector

Next level order management
for logistics

Smart tracking of profit & loss
for business enterprises

Success stories

Projects based on our piich framework

cms & e-detailing solution for a medical instrument manufacturing company

Our rich, dynamic Edetailing solution to one of the oldest precison instrument manufacturers in Japan.

Android app solution for an international optics company

A powerful Android application that changed the way lenses are showcased in stores.

business intelligence app for a world-renowned consumer goods corporation

Our solution to the needs of one of the world’s biggest consumer goods corporations.

Roles & Authorization

+ Create Users
+ Role-based Permissions

While Labeling

+ App will be branded in customer's name
+ Hosted on Playstore / Appstore

Piich has transformed sales divisions, empowered marketing teams, and has been a go-to sales enablement solution for several organizations.

Like to know more on how it can power-up yours? Write to us.