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Simple strategies to consider before launching your mobile app

After the long and arduous process of app development, just about when you thought everything is over, there are a few more important things you need to consider before you go in for that big launch. Just as the app development process, prominence and care should be provided to pre-launch activity in order to stay afloat in this ever-increasing competitive market.

Today, some top mobile app development companies in Bangalore are helping in planning out an effective pre-launch strategies for better outcomes. In this blog, we’ll make it easier for you by listing out some simple tried and tested pre-launch strategies that many businesses commonly follow today.

Pricing your app

Pricing an app is a crucial step. Before you even price your app, it is important to consider what kind of app you have. Do a little bit of research on how much other apps (that are similar to yours) are priced. Even if your app is unique you simply cannot price it too high, because most users first want to try out the app, and only if they really like it they will continue using it or pay for it. You can either offer it for free at first and then start charging, or you can charge a nominal price. Whatever you do, first gauge your audience and do a market research before you price it.

Make your app screenshots visually appealing

Even apps from established brands make it a point to offer stunning previews – be it a screenshot or a demo video. This is very important. Our human eye tends to go for something that is visually arresting. If you are creating a screenshot, make sure the screenshot is alluring and it relays the idea correctly. If you are doing an app preview video, package it in such a way that users get tempted to click on the install button.

Awareness, awareness, and Awareness

It’s a powerful word, especially in this highly competitive world of apps. If you don’t create much of awareness its most likely that your app will get lost in the ocean of other apps. Don’t get disheartened. Make the best out of social media. Today, social media platforms function more like an advertisement engine than a place of social interaction. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (and there are scores of others) which can help you spread the news about the launch of your app. This method has proved to be really effective. Be creative and let your imagination fly while creating awareness for your app.

Have a website and tie it to your app

There are apps which does not have a website to support it. The truth is that this approach works sometimes, and something it doesn’t. So, it is better to have a safe bet. Have a website.

If you are running tight on your budget, make a simple website or even a microsite with relevant information will do.  A website about your app can help you in a lot of ways. Apple iStore makes it mandatory to have a privacy policy for every app that’s submitted. By having a website you can offer additional information about your app, privacy policy, connect it other relevant sources, and so on.

App Store optimization

Launching the app is not the end. It does not bring in users automatically. So, you need to plan your app store optimization. When you submit your app to the app store, make the best use of descriptions of your app, select the right keywords that users are likely to type while they search, use fantastic imagery, aim for better reviews etc.

There are several experienced Android and iOS app development companies, which offer valuable tips to formulate an effective app store, online, and off-store optimization.

End note

The above strategies may sound simple and basic, but when these are channelized properly and carried out effectively, the chances of your app getting noticed by the prospective users grow higher. We hope these simple would help you in giving the right exposure to your app and gain more users. Good luck with your app launch!


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