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cms & e-detailing solution for a medical instrument manufacturing company


After offering intuitive solutions to some of the biggest businesses in the west, we received a calling to offer our expertise to one of the fast-growing modern economies in the Far East – Japan. The client is one of the oldest and biggest public KK company specialized in manufacturing precision instruments, measuring instruments, and medical instruments.

For its medical systems division, the client had an existing iOS mobile app with e-detailing functionality to aid their sales team in their product presentation. However, the existing app had its constraints – it was rigid, did not support change in its hierarchy structure, and lacked flexibility in displaying the required nodes of the product hierarchy in the app. It had a history of ad hoc changes, and due to this, any small change required a significant overhead of time and effort.

The client was in need of a solution that can provide seamless interface between the content management component and the mobile component, along with a flexibility to configure the product hierarchy. It should allow them to manage events in terms of event creation, and record details of potential customer visits to their stalls. On the whole, the client needed a modern application with rich user interface and enhanced user experience.


The solid repertoire we’d built over the years in reviving values of several medical companies helped us suggest the most viable solution to the client. Understanding their current product hierarchy and the ad hoc changes had turned out to be our biggest challenge. So, we began by a solid research, and then we aligned the right expertise to counter the challenge. As e-detailing being one of our fortes, a comprehensive e-detailing topography was laid out to ensure the products are showcased in a rich, interactive and flawless manner, so the sales reps are better
informed on which marketing content to use, how to use it, and when to use it.

Then we proposed a cloud-based solution using MEAN stack. The solution would be highly configurable, giving the client the needed flexibility in defining / changing the product (including role and location) hierarchy, and would seamlessly connect to their SalesForce application to push customer data.

We spearheaded our UI/UX design team to interact with client’s team to sketch out the most feasible UI/UX designs to meet all their needs. We also provided an alternative solution based on our flagship product PIICH, which combines sales, marketing, CRM and analytics to offer an absolute e-detailing experience.

By the end, the product that we delivered was flexible and agile in supporting changes in the hierarchy structure. And it was fluid and nimble enough in displaying the required nodes of the product hierarchy in the app. By and large, with this solution the client was able to considerably reduce overhead of time and effort.

The result

  • A more streamlined and flexible product hierarchy structure was achieved
  • Reusable UI components gave the solution more consistency in enhancing the user experience
  • The solution enabled the client to have a effective content management system (with documents, images, videos etc.) which they can easily share with their sales team and also helped in their business endeavors
  • Improved engagement through rich e-detailing and overall user experience.

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