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delivering business agility
with mobile

delivering future proof enterprises with agile-driven mobile app strategies.

A mobile app is not just an option.
It's a must-have business strategy.

We develop solid, lean, human-centric mobile applications, which have played a crucial role in adding value to businesses – thus our status as one of the top mobile app development companies around.

Consumer apps

Consumer app development is a highly thoughtful process and is built around the emotional needs of individual users. Our attention to craft is not just confined to product development level. Instead, we delve deeper, incorporating finer aspects such as research, user personas, mind mapping, and end user behavior to build products the resonates with end users. We build products for various industries such as Retail, Social, and Lifestyle.

Enterprise apps

They are utilitarian in nature. Hence we take a difference approach while crafting apps for enterprises. Utilities takes center stage here and business intelligence becomes the core aspect of the app. Our business apps have helped companies experience improved work productivity among their employees, gain valuable business insights, and reduce operational costs. We cover the entire spectrum of enterprise apps such as background automation proceess, CRMs, SCMs, and ERPs.

iOS App Development

Apps for iPhones and iPads

With a team of highly adept iOS architects, designers and coders, we unlock the true potential of iOS technology. As one of the most sought-after iPhone app development companies, we craft beautiful and powerful products across industries and verticals.

iOS Features:
• Excellent UI and fluid responsive
• High on security
• More user-friendly
• Multi-language support
• Jailbreaking for customization
• Great for Media / Entertainment

black iphone

Android App Development

Ideaplunge is one of the top android app development companies, which brings the most latest and advanced android technologies into the fold to deliver high quality apps for consumers and enterprises. With several international projects to our credit, and several more in the making, we continue to add value to businesses across the globe.

Android Features:
• Excellent screen resolution (4K is the current craze)
• Custom ROM (where one can create their own OS from it)
• Amazing customization
• Offers more storage space
• Tethering – turn your phone as a wireless/wired hotspot

Types and Technologies

Native apps

Native apps are developed specifically for a device or platform, means the app has to be developed separately for Android and Apple phones. They are the most common type, and they can effectively make use of device features such as camera, GPS, address book etc. The associated data of the native apps is stored in the same device.

Tech Stack: Android / iOS


Native look and feel
Smooth User Interface (UI)

Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are essentially a single application that can be used on both Android and Apple devices. Though their UI is not as rich as Native apps, they consume lesser developement time and can be developed at a lower cost. The Hybrid app’s infrastructure is native while its content is web-based.

Tech Stack: React Native, PhoneGap, Ionic


Works offline
Easy access to device data
Faster deployment

We are on a journey creating impactful mobility solutions around the globe.

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