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business intelligence app for a world-renowned consumer goods corporation

Our solution to the needs of one of the world’s biggest consumer goods corporations.


Our client is an American multinational consumer goods corporation dedicated in delivering quality products and services that improve people’s lives. Since its inception, the company has built a rich heritage in touching lives with brands that make everyday life a little better.

It has operations in over 80 countries, and among them, China ranks as one of its largest markets. In China, its operations are spread across several provinces with 9 manufacturing plants, 8 distribution centers, and more than 7000 employees. With such an expansive operation units and outlets, our client was facing a tough task in gaining product performance metrics, operational insights and overall business performance KPIs for its top-level managers. To track these insights they relied on three different data sources. This approach, however, was quickly becoming extremely difficult and time-consuming.

Now, they needed a solution, which would allow their top-level managers to easily configure processes functionality, and have total visibility to all the information going on in the field; and maintain all master data for outlets, products, SKUs and more. We were entrusted with a task to build a powerful solution for their managers to view and track vast amount of valuable insights on manpower, products, sales, stocks, and outlets encompassing the entire People’s Republic of China.

This solution will be used by SEO admins, Channel leaders, Division Managers, Marketing Managers, Planners, Regional and Senior Regional Managers.


After carefully considering the requirements of such a complex project (relating to the client of such a global repute) we quickly streamlined our prodigious team of experts, and began our research. Based on the results of the research, we were able to round up a list of most relevant technologies to develop the dashboard. Then a most feasible technology – one that was just apt for this project – was proposed to the client. Upon approval, design
and development kickstarted.

Since the client was getting data from three different applications, our biggest challenge was to sync all the data (one of them was from Salesforce), and at the same time maintain the accuracy of these data. Our solution to this was to build a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) application that can crunch all this data and extract valuable insights, as per their business needs. Our team used Angular 5 (one of the best in the industry), NGRX for the state
management and local database management; and in the backend we used C#, .Net, and MsSQL.

The result was an intuitive, extensive, and a highly-detailed application. The BI application we developed – apart from consolidating data from the three different sourced that they accessed earlier – was able to generate exceptional insights into various other aspects of their business. It generated reports on the basis of Channel,
Location and Product hierarchies. It provided consolidated, yet detailed reports on KPIs, such as Oftake, Task, PSKU, Star products, Display, and product Shelf metrics. The application also offered location-wise details, data visualization, master data management, store level data – drilling down to the minutest level.

At the end, the product we developed for this global consumer giant became a powerful, efcient, and a precious commodity in gaining a meticulous birds-eye-view of the entire product and service operations metrics across China.

The result

The client was now able to leverage personalized user experience, role-based access, and gain complete insights on
commodity, distributors and other users.

The product enabled decision makers to take actionable decisions in the shortest time with great accuracy.

In a nutshell, our solution enabled them to get a 360 degree view of the entire P&G business operation across China – under a single roof.

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