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The client is one of the fast-growing US-based sports management company, presently focusing on volley ball. The platform aims to bring together and manage clubs, coaches, teams, athletes, events/matches, and record match performance for every athlete. Though they had an existing club management system, it lacked one of the most important (and a much-needed) functionality for a platform like this – collaboration between coaches, players and their parents.

They approached us to build a multi-layered, round-the-clock club management sytem application where users could follow their favorite players, get related feeds, post feedback, upload pictures/videos to elevate community interaction. Also, the solution should be scalable and adaptable enough to be extended to other sports as well, which is the club’s future agenda.


We began with a deep research covering all the crucial areas of a well-functioning sports management club.

We proposed a SaaS-based, multi-tenanted platform, which integrated learning management and social networking capabilities to enable coaches to design training programs (with reference videos, images, documents & quizzes) and then assign them to teams and athletes.


• Effective collaboration between parents, players and their coaches

• Dynamic dashboards that gave insights on performances/progress of team and players across season

• The application served as a single window for personalized user experience with complete information on registration & payments, events & coaching activities

• And ultimately, it’s a fully scalable SaaS product that can be extended to any number of clubs, regions and include other sports going further


The product we developed gave double benefit to the client – one, they were able to deliver a flexible, highly interactive, human-centric platform for their users and add value to their business by expand to others sports and enlarging their user base.

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