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The client wanted to break into the social app segment with this interesting mobile discovery app idea. The app would serve as a social platform for users to find interesting people, hang-outs, restaurants, shopping, places, services, and then share those experiences (“smiled moments”) with other users in real-time.

One of their biggest challenges was to choose the right location-based technology; also they wanted a product that would be high on functionality, have friendly interface, operation finesse, enticing UX (User Experience) design, and robust privacy settings.


Various location-based technologies were explored and analyzed; out of which we helped them pick the most feasible one to bring out the desired output.

Since a social app relies more on navigation and the right look and feel, we streamlined the right expertise to provide more focus on customer interactivity, appealing user interface and robust security.

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was built showcasing the significant features of the app which helped them effectively validate their app idea.


• The app contained all the feature sets that is a must for any Social app, and their best selling proposition was accentuated to help the product stand out from the rest

• The app had fluid user interactivity, which allowed users to discover new connections through the smiled moments they share, and connect to people with similar interests

• The app had a memory wall where users shared their awesome moments, and connect with other Smiled users in same vicinity

• User privacy and anonymity feature to give users an option to stay private and anonymous


The end product was just as the client had conceptualized. This product helped them break into the social app segment with favorable reviews from users. It gave the client the much needed response with over 50,000 downloads, to begin with.

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