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retail census


We at Ideaplunge have a solid expertise in building powerful Business Intelligence solutions for various industries. Our client is a Florida-based company specialized in tracking and analyzing product performance of a particular brand, in a particular store.

For their new project, they wanted a rich and highly interactive data science dashboard that would act as a go-to tool to track crucial metrics such as brand visibility, competition analytics, tracking brand health & brand marketing, predictive analysis etc., while the solution should also serve as a collaboration tool to view profiles of end customers.


Detailed research on the intricacies of the strategic dashboard was carried out.

We proposed a multi-tenant architecture with user authentication and role-based authorizations. This means, the client would have their own database for optimum data privacy and security.

Designed an holistic and scalable automated business intelligence system which would assimilate, segregate, and accurately display valuable insights of a product.


• Predictive analysis

• Google maps integrated with data

• Download data as PDF and CVS formats

• User authentication with Jasonwebtoken

• Display of data through rich graphics (tree charts, line charts, bar charts, mixed line/bar charts etc.)


Our powerful, automated, Business Intelligence solution enabled the client to accurately track product insights, view customer profiles, and quickly understand competition analytics. Using these valuable metrics, they were able to formulate a strategic plan, and then substantially improve the sales of a given product.