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The client is one of our long-serving customers, who wanted to build a powerful and comprehensive dashboard for audit/census data. One of the prime tasks of this dashboard is to track performance metrics for Coca Cola product. The dashboard would analyze and deliver holistic performance metrics such as price compliance, product freshness, customer experience, and other important metrics of Coca Cola in a given store.


We proposed a SaaS platform ICE Protocol Dashboard to facilitate delivering accurate KPI metrics help in making key decision-making.

We laid out a detailed plan, and then the most feasible technology was suggested to build the dashboard.

Intricately designed tree charts, line charts, bar charts, mixed line/bar charts were used to depict data in a beautiful, engaging and user-friendly way.


• SaaS platform ICE Protocol Dashboard with user authentication

• Google Maps integrated with data

• Rich graphical representation of performance metrics

• Role-based Authorization

• Option to download data a PDF or CSV format


With this solution the client was able to get a bird’s-eye-view of the Key Performance Indicators and were able to make take actionable decision making and considerably improve the store performances for a given product. Today, it has over 20 million entries in the database related to Coca Cola products in stores.