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The client wanted to build a location-aware mobile app which can instantly notify users about best offers from various brand when they are within a specified radius of a specific brand outlet.


Since it was a location-based application, we looked at several real-time tracking options and in-depth research was carried out on Google Maps and GPS technologies.

The app was augmented with GPS and Google Map technologies, using latitude and longitude coordinating systems of both users and brand outlets.

An eCommerce platform was also built from which the users can shop.


• A complete location-based ecommerce app

• Friendly and easy-to-navigate dashboard

• Users received push notifications on best offers from wide range of brands everytime they were within 2 km radius of a specific brand outlet

• Through the notifications the users can connect to the retailer’s product and page and browse the offers

• Users can define a base location to receive offers notifications in that location


Through our intuitive solution, the client was able to provide a rich, unique, and thoughtful shopping experience to the users, where they could quickly connect and take advantage of the best offers from their favorite brands. At the same time, the solution also helped increase the visibility and reachability of the brands.