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The client is an international ophthalmic optics company, specialized in designed and manufacturing optical lenses. They had migrated from traditional brochure to iOS app to better showcase their product in their retail outlets. They sought our expertise to build a powerful Android app for wider reachability.

The product had to achieve two principal goals:
• To effectively educate and up-skill the sales reps about the lenses
• To practicably demonstrate the functionality of those lenses to consumers through a mobile app


Underpinned by in-depth research, we did a detailed analysis of the complexities of optical lenses and the pragmatics ways they could be depicted on mobile apps.

Implemented Gravity view methodology to allow users to get accurate simulation from different angles.

Our own library was build from the ground-up to create the gyroscope functionality. This enabled users to scroll horizontally and vertically using the gyroscope readings.

Implemented our own Bulge filter to achieve the desired bulging effect for the lens.

The product was revived with robust CMS, rich graphics, and innovative bona-fide simulation solutions for enhanced user experience.


• The solution enabled sales reps to effectively and flawlessly relay product specifications to their consumers

• The app offered quick report on the uses of the application, like login in 7 days, products viewed in the last 7 days, top 10 users across outlets, and other important metrics

• The product included advanced features such as: touch-based controls, gyroscope, lens simulation, floating displays, HQ videos, explainers, animations and a powerful CMS


With our Android app solution, the client was to able to quickly reach out to a wider Android user base in the market. The app helped sales representatives across outlets to better relay their products, and at the same time offering a rich and immersive user expereince to the end users. Overall, our intuitive solution helped the client gain better business advantage and reduce costs.

Glass app 1
Glass app 2
Glass app 3