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The client wanted a cool and zappy social app, which would allow users to capture photographs, express their emotions about the best places they visited, and instantly share them with others. In addition to this facet, the app would also serve as a tool to find interesting places in any city, in any part of the world.

Our client approached us with an interesting idea at hand, but they were overwhelmed with the imposing technical challenges, and they were unsure about how to execute the project and take it to the market.


We began with the mind mapping process to fully understand user personas and how best they can leverage the product.

Qualitative research was carried out to identify customer pain points; suitable solutions were provided to better position the product to the prospect’s problems.

Priorities were gauged and a suitable engagement model was built to facilitate users to reach their goal within the product.

Product testing and continuous iterations were carried out until the app functioned flawlessly, and ensured its engagement level and overall quality were up to the mark to serve the purpose well.


• Customized camera setting to flexibly record moments just as users wanted

• Option to select pre-loaded texts for faster and easy interaction

• Location capture through in-built GPS feature of devices

• Personalized one-on-one user interaction for privacy and anonymity


We helped the client to overcome technology barriers and empowered them with a game-changing solution. This solution helped them to successfully break into their desired industry with an app that is fascinating, engaging, and immersive.

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