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The client is a manufacturer of artisanal fashion bags with themes on nature and Indian artistry. Their flagship product idea is a one-of-kind bag that interacts with a mobile application. They wanted a powerful and secure mobile application that allow users to organize, streamline, and ensure that they don’t miss out on items they intend to carry on a particular event.


Since the ideas was unique for a fashion bag, we first wanted to check the practicability factor and then deploy the most feasible technology that would help us create a product just as the client had envisioned.

We researched and leveraged the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology that bridges the communication between contents of the bags and the smart phone.

A technical blueprint was created on how the app would recognize the items and how it would notify its presence/absence to its users. The main goal of the application was to establish a seamless and secure communications bridge between the bag and a user's smartphone.


• Ability to lock/unlock the bag using the app

• A built-in eCommerce platform where users can shop for bags and accessories

• Users can create their own event Calendar/Planner in the app

• Instant notifications of missing items

• The app is designed to consume low energy and offer longer usage

• Data encryption for security


With this unique product – powered by our ingenious solution – the client was able to give their end users a productively useful and highly utilitarian product, differentiate themselves in the market for better business outcome, and set the bar high for their competitors.