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Android app solution for an international optics company

A powerful Android application that changed the way lenses are showcased in stores.


The client is an international ophthalmic optics company based in France, and a world leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing lenses to correct and protect eyesight. After decades of proven track record, today they have emerged as a strong differentiator in correcting visions of millions of its consumers. The company has 14 distribution centers and over 67,000 employees working across the globe.

In a strategic decision to move over the traditional brochure, the client had equipped their sales representatives with their own iOS app, to help them better understand and present their products in a more interactive and engaging way to the consumers. However, this existing iOS app had its limitations in terms of wide reachability.
Since Android has a larger number of users, dominating the smartphone market, and majority of Indians being Android users, the client wanted to redesign the existing iOS in the Android platform to maximize its reachability and control cost.

The objective was to built a powerful Android application for wide reachability, with advanced features like lens simulations, gyroscope functionality, touch-based controls, floating displays, high-quality videos, explainers, animations, and a powerful Content Management System (CMS).


Considering the complexity of optical lenses and how they should be depicted on a mobile app, our team had to obtain a different perspective and rope in advanced technologies to bring out the desired output. A detailed blueprint was produced, underpinned by in-depth research and a feasible solution.

The product had to achieve two principal goals:

  • To effectively educate and up-skill the sales reps about the lenses
  • To practicably demonstrate the functionality of those lenses to consumers

It was a big challenge, but a fascinating one, though.

To seamlessly execute the gyroscope functionality it called for us to build our own library. So, we developed the library from the ground up, which enabled the users to scroll horizontally and vertically using gyroscopic readings. In order to achieve in-depth simulation, our experts proposed Gravity View methodology to allow users to get
accurate simulation, viewed from various angles.

For the bulging effect of simulated images, we have referred to GPUImage library, and implemented our own Bulge filter to achieve the effect.

In the end, our solution helped the client to effortlessly reach out to a larger Android user base. Furthermore, the product was revived with robust CMS, rich graphics, and innovative bona fide simulation solutions to offer enhanced user experience and achieve better business outcomes.

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