What is Smiled?

Smiled is a location-based mobile discovery platform that lets you discover, experience and share positive smiled moments.

How does it work?

So you’ve discovered a new hang-out, a lovely place, where the ambience is simply mind-blowing, and it serves lip-smacking food, too. You take cool pics of the place and food, comment what you feel, and post it as your best moment in Smiled.

Smiled users in your locality will be able to discover your ‘smiled moment’ and get directions to that new hang-out. And same works for you too, where you get to discover new places that others have discovered and shared.
And what else, with this cool, real-time, social interaction, your Smiled moment could also help you receive irresistible offers from Smiled Partners and earn reward points, too.


Want to know what is happening around you? Just open Smiled. Find interesting people, hang-outs, restaurants, shopping, places, services and more.

Real people, real experiences. Genuine Smiled Moments helps you to find the kind of experiences you are looking for.

Use Smiled as a memory wall to share your awesome moments, and connect with other Smiled users in your local area.

Like something, add a Smile. It’s that simple.

Stay private. Smiled respects user privacy and anonymity. Gives users option to stay private and anonymous.

Meet & Connect
Users can discover new connections through the smiled moments they share, and connect to people with similar interests.

Awesome Smiles. Awesome Rewards.
Users also get a chance to receive irresistible offers from Smiled Partners and earn reward points, too.

Reaching the goal with Ideaplunge

Client’s goal is our goal.
Our client wanted Smiled to be high on functionality, have friendly interface, operation finesse, enticing UX (User Experience) design, and robust with excellent privacy settings.
We engaged with the client on various stages and delivered what exactly they needed. With years for experience in Mobile App development, it is something we always do with ease.

The end result was as they had envisioned.

Today, the app has received excellent reviews, and has reached over 50,000 downloads!


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