Brands and their Offers at your Fingertips
Lola is an e-commerce app, conceptualized to increase the visibility and reachability of brands and their offers to potential consumers.
Consumers get to know about the offers only on certain mediums, like newspapers, billboards, and of course on the internet. How about consumers are notified of the best offers from their favorite brands, and many other brands at that – all the time.

Lola also acts as an one-stop-app for locating coolest offers from various brands in your entire city and within your vicinity.

Moving to Ideaplunge

Xstrand Technologies, our client, had started this project with some other developer. However, due to imposing and overwhelming tech challenges, they were unable to bring the desired output. So, the client was looking for a company who could jump technology barriers for them, and found Ideaplunge.
Before starting the project, we had sketched them a suitable working model and suggested the most feasible technology to streamline the project; and our up-to-date tech expertise convinced them to proceed
with us.

• Users can receive instant push notifications of best offers from wide range of brands
• When clicked on the notifications, it will redirect them to the retailers product page in the app,
where they can browse the details of the product/offer
• The users can define a base location (Eg. Bangalore/Chennai) while signing up to receive notifications of that region.
• Users can add brands to the favorites for later use
• Users can even suggest a particular brand to be added
• Friendly and easy-to-navigate dashboard
• Users can receive offer notifications when they are within 2km radius of a specific brand. This is done through Google Map

We love challenges. And just like other projects, Lola too threw us some challenges. There were two interesting challenges.
The first was to continue the coding that was discontinued by the previous developers. This takes a special skill in thoroughly understanding the code and code in such a way that it does not result in any sort of conflict. We sketched out a detailed plan which gave us and the client overcome technical tradeoffs and made way for effective decision-making.

The second one was notifying users about offers when they are within the 2km radius of a particular brand. This takes some special knowledge about GPS and Google Map. Since we have done several complex projects involving tracking, GPS and Google Maps earlier, our expertise helped us sail through smoothly on this one.


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