Emotions experienced travelling around the world are complete only when they are shared. Different places evokes different emotions. Every time you visit a place, it somehow reminds you of someone special – it could be your friend, your loved one, or your family. However, you need something to capture and share that very moment and express it what you feel at that moment.

Capturing and sharing that split second of your emotion before it vanishes is the idea behind Coastered.

What Coastered Wanted

With this unique idea, Coastered wanted a cool and zappy social app, which would allow people to capture photographs and express their emotions about the best places they visited. It could be a cafe, a restaurant, a shop or an adventure spot. A platform where experiences are shared through pictures and comments. Not just that.

The app should also serve as a tool to find the best places to eat, drink, shop or visit in any city, in any part of the world – through your close friends and family.

Coastered: Features at a glance

Store your moments for your loved ones through pictures
• Tell them “Wish you were here” or “Wish we did this together”
• Store things for self through “Wish I did this” feature
• Emotions get stored in the app as a “Coaster” reminding the receiver that he/she was missed
• Give a chance to your friend/family to reciprocate your feelings by visiting the referred place
• Tell Coastered your favorite moments where you missed your friend/family and then app gets to part that emotion on his/her side
• Save places you want to go or you went, so you never forget

Salient features of Coastered

Customized Camera settings
Coastered allows you to use your phone camera to record exact moment or you can coaster one of the images stored in your phone memory

Pre Loaded Text
App gives options to select pre loaded favorites – “Wish you were here”, “Wish we did this together” and also an option to send a customized text

Emotional Capture
App gives an opportunity to select the emotion with which you are thinking of a person – Happy, Sad, Excited, Party mood etc.

Location Capture
App captures the location through inbuilt GPS of the phone or user gets to
type the location of his/her choice

Personal Friend Selection – 1/1 interaction
App gives a unique feature to select multiple friends for which single personalized coaster is sent to each one of the selection. The receiver will not know who else the coaster was sent to keeping the interaction 1/1 and personal.


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