About Aranyani
The concept of Aranyani is unique. It’s flagship product is a bag, but this bag is not conventional in any sense. It is an RFID [Radio Frequency Identification Devices] bag exclusively designed to remind the user about the must have things they intend to carry for a particular occasion. It could be a meeting, a conference, or a casual gathering, but there is always something things which you need to carry which you can’t afford to miss.
Aranyani’s RFID bag lets the user to streamline and ensure they don’t miss their items.

How does it work?

Aranyani bags are RFID tagged, and they are connected to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. One of the main features of the bag is that it lets users to create a event calendar where they can enter the items they intend to carry and date of the event.

Each bag comes with its own RFID device, fixed inside and the users are provided with a set of RFID strips which they can stick it on their items. When the items are placed in the bag, the RFID in the bag recognizes it and sends a notification to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth that the items are present.

If the item is absent, again, a notification will be sent to the user’s smartphone as a reminder.

• The communication between the bag and the smartphone is encrypted for security
• Continued communication. Since the bluetooth has its range limitation, if the phone is out of range and is brought back to the range, it automatically connects and resumes the communication from where it had stopped. No restarting of comminication.
• The bags are manufactured at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Indonesia
• The owner can be instantly notified in case of robbery
• Users can register each items and keep track of them easily
• BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy): Designed to consume low energy and longer usage
• Users can lock/unlock the bag using the app
• Reminders on the list of items to be put in the bag can be preset and a notification is received in case any item is found missing.
• The bag can be unlocked only through phone, in case if the phone is switched off, a masterkey (something like a plastic tag) is used to unlock or lock the bag. One masterkey is designated one bag.
• The app has a built-in e-commerce platform where users can order items such as bags, dresses, mousepads, laptop bags etc. They can even have them delivered to their home address
• Users can create their own event Calendar/Planner in the app


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