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club management solution for a Us-based sports club

A flexible, round-the-clock club management system for a US-based sports club.


The client is a US-based sports management club exclusively focusing on Volleyball. It is one of the fast-growing sports clubs in the region, with steady growth in both its operations and fan base. The platform aims to bring together and manage clubs, coaches, teams, athletes, events/matches, and record match performance for every athlete.

In an effort to unite and manage these elements the client had already built a club management system. However, the existing system lacked one of the most important and a much-needed functionality for a platform like this – to enable collaboration between coaches, players and the parents. Since they are the most important stakeholders in the whole process, and due to the absence of an effective collaboration functionality, the existing system had become inadequate to fulfill the core need of the club.

In order to fill this gap, the client wanted a round-the-clock club management solution, which allowed coaches to design training programs/routines that athletes can access from their mobile phones, perform them, and then mark them as completed. The client also wanted a functionality where users could follow their favorite players, get related feeds, post feedback, upload pictures/videos to elevate community interaction. Also, the solution should be scalable and adaptable enough to be extended to other sports as well, which is the club’s future agenda.


One of our biggest challenges was to work from a limited list of requirements, yet broaden the scope of the existing product. Due to this, the product was subjected to a lot of changes as it took shape. Considering this shortfall from all angles, an end-to-end research was carried out – covering all the crucial areas of a well-functioning sports management club. We understood the domain and document requirement, and then an agile methodology was adopted to reinforce the product with functionalities that strengthened the management of the club.

We proposed a SaaS-based, multi-tenanted platform. This platform would have integrated learning management and social networking capabilities in addition to standard features like registration & payment, scheduling matches & scoring, emails, notification, reminders, dashboard and reports delivered through multiple platforms like web and mobile devices.

Our integrated management system enabled coaches to design training programs, with reference videos, images, documents & quizzes, and then assign them to teams and athletes. The integrated social networking capability enabled interaction between players and their network of followers. Users could also submit posts, photographs and videos of events. The season management module enables management of multiple seasons and track the performance/progress of teams and athletes over a given period of time.

The Results

The solution works as a single window for personalized user experience with complete information on registration & payments, design new packages, events, and coaching activities.

Dashboards give a birds-eye-view on the performance/progress of teams and players across seasons.

The automated reminders and notifications has reduced the turnaround time for club admins to follow-up for payments due

The resource library provides coaches to use them as supporting collateral for training modules

And, it is a scalable SaaS solution, which can be extended to any number of clubs, regions. and fully capable of including other sports going further

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