Adding value at every step

Is the technology too overwhelming for your genius idea? Look no further, our technology expertise facilitate businesses in turning their big ideas into flawlessly functioning products.

About Us

Ideaplunge is a creative Technology Solution Provider company, based in Bangalore (India), started in October 2012 first as a Proprietorship firm and later officially registered as an LLP in June 2013.

We have evolved into an innovation shop specialised in delivering solutions for Retail, Pharma, Fashion, Consumer, human Capital, Logistic, Learning & Development and Enterprise verticals. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to Startups globally!

It is not just the Technology, we offer MUCH more. We are ‘Co-Creation’ partners of startups & enterprises, where we travel along with them, nurturing their ideas, providing optimum yet affordable solutions, guaranteeing shortest-time execution, and helping them steer ahead with much-needed expertise and support till they reach their desired goal.

Today, Ideaplunge is one of the most trusted and sought-after app development companies in Bangalore, having empowered several organisations. We strongly believe in employee engagement and transparency. Our team is the cornerstone for the organisation’s success, hence we follow a culture that is very friendly and democratic.

A management team with significant experience in delivering world-class quality software solutions and products for leading multinational companies in their past. The team at Ideaplunge consists of specialists in user experience design, product management and software development. The team includes alumni of some of the best corporates (Oracle, Accenture) and best Business and Engineering Schools in India.




The Challenge

“From the moment an idea is presented to an
app development company, several complexities
(multiple layers of management, managers,
coordination) interfere between the client’s
vision and the end product.”

Untangling needless complexities to deliver products just as you’ve envisioned.

The Resolve

“Where we differentiate ourselves is that we cut
through all those complexities, where your idea is
directly conveyed to our developers to ensure that
your vision is aptly transformed into impeccable
product, making the entire journey from design to
delivery a smoothing-sailing affair”



“Quality and value are the recurring motifs in our work”

Day in and day out we live by ideas, and we are serious about delivering great outcomes. Taking the cue from your idea – with ‘your vision is our mission’ as our maxim – we go by streamlining and adding right expertise and value at every stage of the development. What we help you achieve in the end is an outcome that’s beyond ordinary and resonates with your target audience.



“Great results are the by-products of our strong work culture”



It runs in our blood. Be it work or play, we believe in moral

correctness and uprightness, and these qualities have

enabled us to carve a niche and stay in vogue.


We rule by being undivided. We have cracked mountainous

tasks by sticking together, and have delivered flawless results

through unified approach. Our integrity shows in our quality of work.


Passion is the pulse of Ideaplunge. We approach

every single project with burning passion to diligently deliver

outcomes that are in sync with our clients’ vision.


We don’t believe in false promises, neither do we offer

unrealistic time frames. We plan it carefully and ensure

that we deliver outputs in a timely manner. Simple.


We love to push boundaries

We’ve tackled challenging products and have delivered successful Results. As a result, our works have helped us to push boundaries to inspire and add values to businesses across the globe.

Our clientele come from different parts of the world.

US         INDIA            DUBAI        SOUTH AFRICA


Meet the Team


                                                                                                                      Girish Chander                       Anupama Alevoor                          
                                                                                                                    CEO/Chief Architect                    Chief Operations                                   


                                           Arvind Jeenoor                    Navin Krish                           Harshvardhan                   Suryakant sharma          Vinay Narayanaswamy

                                            Project Manager                  Sales Manager                         Tech Manager                   Sr. Application Developer               Sr.HR Manager




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