When I talk about eDetailing I can’t think of any other industry which has leveraged it as optimally as the Pharma industry. In fact, the eDetailing process has somewhat become synonymous to the pharmaceutical industry.

So, naturally it make more sense to take the pharma industry as an example to tell you about the impact of eDetailing in reference to enterprise mobile apps. A few months ago, a reputed pharma company approached us with a set of queries on how to make their drugs, technology, and services stand out using digital technology.

What they really were asking was: How can we power up our field force automation through the means of eDetailing?

In my experience in the building some powerful eDetailing enterprise mobile apps, eDetailing by default does not bring the desired result. One has to bear in mind that eDetailing has to be done right in order to experience its full benefit.

Let’s dive a bit deeper.

By and large, pharmaceutical companies are literally flooded with content, I mean content of all types, vying to grab the attention of doctors, healthcare professionals and other potential customers. Despite the abundance of the content not many get the kind of attention they are intended to receive. They neither stand out nor convince the customers.

My first word of advice is this: While building an enterprise eDetailing app your main focus should be to help customers reach their goal rather than showcasing your product or service.

Secondly, a well-planned eDetailing app is the first step of success. For example, doctors are bombarded with content everyday, so naturally their difficulty in choosing the right content is clearly understandable. Due to this, even good quality content is either lost in the maze or been overlooked. With a well-planned eDetailing app, you can grab their attention with much ease.

Clearly, the biggest challenge here is to accentuate your content and to let  potential customers get drawn towards it.  Modern enterprises have found there are two important factors that help businesses to make their content stand out and convince.

Two factors to make your eDetailing content stand out and convince

1. Letting customers access information on demand and with ease (Mobile apps or iPad apps)

2. Facilitate them to pre-validate the credibility of the content (product,      service etc.)

If you are an enterprise or an eDetailing app developer, it is important to understand that most of the eDetailing fail to make an impact due to lack of the above mentioned factors. What we need to do is to focus more on the customer than on the product or service. Also, technology and methodology are two other sub-factors that you need to concentrate on. Understanding the significance of technology that will let up the game of your eDetailing and the right methodology to execute it. Once you understand these, it becomes easy for you to help companies understand their true scope and possibilities.

Next is letting customers pre-validate the credibility of your content. When you let your customers (ex. Doctors, physicians) to categorize your content as validated, that content will soar high above than the rest, thus giving you the power to create an edge over your competitors.


How mobile app-based eDetailing is turning the tables


It is true that widespread adoption of eDetailing in tablets and smartphones by sales reps have led to adoption of Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) by pharmaceutical companies, especially in the west. Typically, the CLM employs three stages of activities that go in a cycle. First, through the eDetailing software the companies can identify and improve materials (products/services) that physicians are more interested in. Second, they can analyze and use this information to strengthen their marketing strategies, and third, they direct it back to the physicians with customized offerings based on their region or preferences finally ‘closing the loop’ – hence the name Closed Loop Marketing.

A decade ago, the CLM practice proved to be difficult in practice than on paper. Difficulty in generating data on a physician or a geographic level, unable to understand and extract the right insights from that data, and scarcity of technologies were some of the reasons.

But today, everything has changed.

In the last five years, eDetailing has evolved and developed a lot more than the traditional CLM eDetailing. With technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data coming into the fold, sifting through huge amount of data such as – social media data, browsing data, prescribing data, claims data etc. can be done in the shortest time or even in real time.

Today, the sales rep, using AI powered algorithms, can access (using an enterprise app or a CRM) the most up-to-date intelligence information on every physician’s priorities and their business needs.

It doesn’t end there. The AI technology can predict granular details such as ‘which customer is likely to accept your appointment’, ‘which physician is most likely to sign up for your product/service’, ‘which actionable approach would work for which rep’, and so on.

The eDetailing mobile app methodology – even without the aid of AI – can do a lot for companies. For example, our flagship product PIICH (without AI) is designed to help companies manage their entire sales force in a single app: It can track field agent movements; track sales orders, payments, invoices, and accounts. It was built to accommodate CLM facility and eDetailing with exciting product cataloguing features like videos, images, text and music. The CMS we built, can be adopted by any business, irrespective of its size and scope, and could integrate their customized eDetailing features to achieve a complete and end-to-end sales force management operations.

Now, imagine this along with evolving technologies like AI. It could go beyond your expectation.


eDetailing, where is it heading?


Off lately, I’ve noticed that more and more enterprises are experimenting with their eDetailing apps. And it is something that even I do as and when I get the opportunity. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say its scope has widened because, today’s eDetailing apps can be efficiently integrated with a wide range of other systems to let businesses achieve better clarity and gain holistic view of their customer needs.

An enterprise eDetailing app, coupled with AI, brings a lot to the table. Here are some of the innovative ways through which businesses can harness best possible outcomes.

You can now link online data to a specific individual customer (Ex. a physician) or a group of customers

Businesses can have rich, individual level data within their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

You can combine all available data into a single uniform format and     carry out temporal sequencing

The eDetailing app can detect customer switch warning behaviour and quickly relay it to sales reps



Competition is getting stiffer by the day for businesses and their only way to maintain sustenance is through adopting new and innovative technologies to stay ahead of the game. Detailing became ‘e’detailing, and eDetailing is now turning into ‘intelligent’ eDetailing. Companies that bank on eDetailing are resorting to intelligent eDetailing systems. Looks like the age old adage still holds good even in this tech era – if you are out of sight, you are out of mind.




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