Artificial Intelligence (AI) has always piqued the interests of businesses for over several decades now. What seemed a bit of a stretch a few decades is now very much a reality. In 2016, Salesforce introduced Einstein, a powerful AI-powered smart assistance aimed to deliver a more productive and personalized customer experience across Sales, Services, Commerce and Marketing.

Einstein is not just a big deal, it is a big change, says Salesforce. That’s true. At the dawn of 2019, Salesforce Einstein has emerged as one of the world’s smartest CRM tool delivering AI capabilities embedded across every Salesforce cloud.

In this blog we’ll explore the uniques facets of Salesforce Einstein designed to empower agents in the following streams:


1. Sales cloud

2. Marketing cloud

3. Community cloud

4. Analytics cloud

5. Platform cloud

6. Commerce cloud


1. Sales Cloud Einstein


Diligent sales reps has a lot going in their heads – plans, strategies, tools, deadlines so on and so forth. They are all in the form of big chunks of data. Living with this large chunk of data can be daunting, and focusing on what matters the most can become extremely difficult.

Salesforce Einstein comes out as one heck of a smart assistant which can learn from all these data and then predict and deliver recommendations of your unique business processes. And it goes beyond that by automating to bring you the most valuable insights, predictive scoring, and accurate forecasting.


Einstein Account and Opportunity Insights

Helps you to predict the fate of a deal, whether or not it is likely to close, by identifying customer sentiment, competitor involvement, and company updates.


Einstein Lead and Opportunity Scoring

Einstein saves enormous time by automatically prioritizing your lead and opportunity that are most likely to convert/close based on your past deals and history.


Activity Capture and Automated Contacts

Data entry consuming most of your valuable selling time? Watch Einstein automatically capture relevant data and add new contacts – allowing you to spend more time selling than entering.


Sales Analytics

If keeping track of team performance and pipeline activity is crucial to you, then Einstein Sales Analytics could be your best bet. It gives optimum visibility on your pipeline and efficient team member tracking facility to uncover opportunities and grow business.


2. Marketing Cloud Einstein

Einstein helps you enliven your marketing activities with hassle-free journeys and butter-smooth operations. The power of AI lets you to improve your brand visibility, achieve predictive scoring, and do much more.


Einstein Vision and Social Studio

Keyword listening is past and present. ‘Visual listening’ is the future. Einstein Vision and Social Studio together – leveraging the power of AI and machine learning – improves a marketer’s view. Einstein vision can recognise images, logos, objects and scenes to discover new insights regarding your brand. Marketers will have no trouble knowing where their certain products are being uses, even if their brand names and keywords are not mentioned.

Know more about in-depth working principles of Einstein Vision and Deep Learning


Engagement Scoring

Einstein can predict and discover why a consumer has clicked or purchased your product by using your email or website. Armed with this insight, marketers can deploy customized marketing strategies and personalized messages to drive smarter marketing.



Tapping into the power of AI, Einstein recommends marketers with the next best products and content to convert more and faster for every customer, on any channel.


Discover journey insights

Helps analyze billions of touchpoints in the shortest time – across consumer journeys – and discover best ways for conversion. It helps users gain valuable insights on the right channel, events, and messages.


3. Community Cloud Einstein


Community members are vital for an organization. Through Salesforce Einstein you can effectively and easily enable community members to help discover people, content, and conversation you think are most productive and valuable.


Feed Insights

It is very important to keep community members productively engaged. Thanks to Einstein’s feed insights, which can identify and promote popular content, and make sure important posts, feeds and button conversations are seen.


Einstein Experts

Find and connect certified experts to your community members. By enabling this, you are empowering and enabling them to quickly find answers to their most pressing issues.


Einstein Recommendations

Finding out the real needs of your resources have become just as easy. Einstein recommendations can automatically suggest relevant content, groups, experts and other important elements based on the interest and behaviour from their social activities.


Einstein Feed Search

The Einstein Feed Search is a powerful feature where you can get best, top-ranked results for your searches based on engagement factors such as likes, views and answers. The feature’s search algorithm uses ‘Einstein Learn to Rank’ technique, which can improve itself over time to produce best results.


4. Analytics Cloud Einstein


Be it sales, service, or marketing, Einstein cloud analytics is designed to discover hidden insights from your big pile of data to help you predict future trends and to help you always be in the know.


Einstein Discovery

Learning by trial and error can be a good start, but it is a time consuming process. Einstein Discover automatically sifts through millions of data combinations and discovers fine insights to give you the right metrics for your cloud analytics.

5. Platform Cloud (myEinstein)

Building and deploying apps is relatively easy in Salesforce. Now, those apps can be powered up with customized intelligence using myEinstein. Everyone can have AI capabilities and leverage the best of its benefits to solve their specific business needs, without needing a data scientist.


Einstein Bots

Build, train, and deploy powerful custom bots on your CRM data. These trained bots can help improve business processes, empower your employees, and deliver satisfaction to your customers.


Einstein Prediction Builder

The Prediction Builder helps improve customer lifetime value, predict business outcomes, and take pre-emptive actions by creating customized AI models on any of their business field or object. All this is achieved not by code, but by mere clicks.


Einstein Language

Understanding customer’s feel and need is no longer going to be beyond your limits. The powerful Einstein Language can classify the underlying intent and sentiment in a text, and lets users know about their experiences and needs.


6. Commerce Cloud Einstein

E-commerce apps are evolving. If your business is not powered up by the latest technology, it’s time you do it. With Einstein commerce cloud you can provide personalized customer experiences and acquire valuable predictive insights on their shopping behavior – all without the need of a data scientist.


Einstein Product Recommendations

The Einstein product recommendation helps businesses to move over manual merchandising and create personalized product recommendations and unique customer experiences across mobile and desktops.


Einstein Commerce Insights

The Commerce Insights gives you a powerful shopping basket analysis dashboard that reveals purchasing behavior and help identify the most effective bundles, product sets and deals.


Einstein Search Dictionaries

This features can delight shopper by not giving any ‘no results’ page. The searches are continuous and engaging, without any gaps or blanks.


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