Everytime when there arises a need for defining Salesforce, it always had to start with the cliched statement: It is world’s number 1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. It is a fact, but to understand the technology completely and to precisely know where it fits into today’s business models it requires some digging.

In order to understand the significance of Salesforce CRM, you will need to understand the following:

  1. Signs your business needs a CRM solution
  2. Why opt for Salesforce CRM (Benefits)
  3. How Salesforce can help your business


Here we go.

Signs your business needs a CRM solution

Before you decide on having a Salesforce CRM, let alone having any CRM solution, you need to understand if your business needs a CRM solution. Most decision-makers don’t even realize that their business badly needs a CRM solutions. They think they are better off without one. This kind of unobservant approach could harm businesses in many ways. So, as a business individual, you should assimilate certain signs that tell you most likely would be requiring a CRM solution for your business.

1. Difficulty in streamlining your lead flow

Continuous lead flow is a good news. But if you are struggling to keep up with it, you might be in need of a CRM solution. A good CRM solution can help you quickly and efficiently streamline, sort and prioritize your leads, which yours sales team can effectively put into use.

2. No proper track of your sales team

The way sales team communicate today is different from the way they did a few years ago. Today, sales teams communicate and act in real-time. CRM tools allow you to quickly track, manage and update details through various devices. It allows you to have all your resources at the tip of your fingers to act timely. If you lack this finesse, then it’s time to consider a CRM tool.

3. Scattered customer data

Emails, spreadsheets, documents, notes etc., if these are the things that you regularly consult  to find valuable customer data then it’s time to look into more inventive solution that helps you save time and effort. A CRM solution is designed to bring all this under a single roof to help you make informed decisions, quickly and easily.

4. Difficulty in handling long-term and valuable customers

If you have customers of varying scope, and need to give special focus on your biggest customers, a traditional method can prove to be cumbersome. A CRM on the other hand can automatically remind you about milestones and important events to aid you in appreciating targeted customers and send out timely responses.

CRMs also allow you to personalize and maintain business relationship with an account even if the contact there has moved on.

5. When your sales reps’ productivity is taking a dip

Managing huge amount of data and reports is part of a sales person’s job, but if the sales team is spending more time in managing data than selling, it means their productivity has taken a hit. A CRM solution in this case works as a powerful machine in assembling data, generating reports, and analyzing metrics in the shortest time. The solution can automatically do most of these works and lets the sales people focus on one thing: selling.

Why opt for Salesforce CRM (Benefits)

Salesforce CRM is built around a pragmatic concept where it not just helps you appreciate your customers, but gives you the ability to understand them. Salesforce CRM offers a wide range of benefits to empower sales, customer service, and marketing aspects of your business.

Cloud-based accessibility on the fly

Be it sales, customer service or marketing, the teams who access customer data is no longer required to be within the confines of their offices. Salesforce cloud solutions are accessible in a variety of mobile devices where you can instantly access information such as lead-generation processes, contacts, reports, customer data etc., and seek support from anywhere, anytime.


Effective social collaboration

Salesforce’s inventively built-in social tools lets sales and other team members to interact and collaborate with each other. They can indulge in open discussions, share files, insights and other data to drive better sales and boost productivity.


Automated Workflow

Salesforce offers a fantastic automated workflow feature aimed to fast track sales process. Assign tasks, manage approval requests, do order placements, and many more activities from anywhere and anytime.


Built-in deal evaluation

On a traditional platform, evaluating a deal might prove to be confusing and inaccurate. With Salesforce’s built-in deal evaluation and quoting tools, businesses – irrespective of its size – can precisely unfold the value, current state, and other opportunities of each deal and take informed decision. You can create a detailed PDF quotes and mail them directly to your customers.


Instant access of customer history and crowdsourcing

Customer service executives should be readily armed with customer’s past purchases, interaction and preferences. This helps save a lot of time for both parties. Salesforce CRM allows customer representatives to have an instant access to customer history and efficiently organize crowdsourcing to get answers through customer portals.


Lead Generation

Salesforce offer several smart features to help convert likely prospects into opportunities. The CRM platform can automatically assign a specific sales rep to a particular lead for quicker and better business outcomes.


Drag and drop reporting tools

With the drag and drop reporting tools at your helm (such as real-time graphs and charts) generating, maintaining and analyzing reports becomes just as easy.


Real-time sales forecasting

Keeping track of revenues, contracts, customers details, quota attainments, and leads can be daunting. With the Salesforce real-time forecasting feature you can work and revise on all these metrics in real-time while still staying in synch with your business goals.


How Salesforce can help your business


Salesforce Einstein – An AI-powered tool for a smarter business

Data is wealth. And Salesforce’s smart CRM Assistant, Einstein, is a powerful Artificial Intelligence tool which crawls through your massive volume of data to discover insights, predict outcomes, recommend actions, and automate tasks.

With Einstein you can build intelligent apps. Not just that, this AI-powered solutions helps various teams in an organization: Sales: It guides reps to the best leads, thus saving a lot of time and effort, and helps in focusing only on relevant deals. Customer Service: Helps agents resolve issues faster by triaging cases and recommending right articles. Marketing: Helps executives send the right content, to the right customer, at the right time and on the right channel.

Easy integration with existing tools

Many business tools are purely stand alone and they are not compatible with other tools. Hence, in most cases they end up becoming redundant. Whereas, Salesforce is a flexible cloud CRM solution that is extremely friendly and compatible with the existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.


Reduce sales cost

Reports state that the chances of selling to a new customer is only 10% – 20%, compared to selling to the existing customers, where the chances stand at 60% – 70%. But with powerful CRM solutions in your fold you could offset new customer acquisition through the sales of your existing customers.

Salesforce can help you increase upselling, cross-selling, uncovering referral business and at the same time reducing the time to close deals. As an upshot of this, you could reduce your overall sales cost.


Customer retention

Retaining customers require strategy, planning and innovation, but all these efforts are worth as it can add tremendous value and growth to your business. According to Invesp Report, ‘Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% – 95%’. Bringing in this aspect into its technology module Salesforce CRM is designed to help teams to proactively address at-risk accounts where they can deliver a more satisfying services to keep customer coming back for more.

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