Considering the flux of apps in the market it is not hard to surmise that app development is going on a frenzy. It seems like there are more apps around than the potential users who are downloading it. However, we don’t see any signs of it slowing. If you see the trajectory of the growth of apps from 2011 till 2017, it’s tremendous.

The below report from Statista states that this rate of growth will be even more rapid in the coming years. With app revenues reaching $69.7 billion, it is expected to touch a staggering $189 billion by  2020.

There has been a good rise in both, free as well as paid apps. App development is reaching the skies. In contrast, the rise has also posed several pressing issues, giving rise to trends. These trends are expected to play a decisive part in meeting the fast-growing demands in app development.

Here are six of the app development trends creating buzz in 2018.

Trend 1: I don’t want to download, I want to stream

Google Play Store was considered cool. That was sometime back. With the flux of apps, the big question now is: how much can people download? Are today’s smartphones and other smart devices are up for endless downloads? Of course not. Despite the smart technologies for smartphones, the imposing challenge of storage space still looms big. So, people want to stream, not download. And this is making streaming one of the most pressing issues today.

More people are moving toward app streaming. Take Android Instant Apps for example. Though the streaming apps number is just in hundreds, research shows that it is likely to rise. According to the Bloomberg report, app streaming is expected to reach 100,000 by 2020.

Trend 2: Enterprise Mobility Apps will be on the rise

Enterprises are realising that mobility apps are empowering them more than ever before. They are faster, efficient, and productive. This changing trend is apparent as more and more enterprises are opting for Enterprise Mobility Apps for business interaction.

Business interaction is increasingly taking place on mobile phones, again, a transition from ‘mobile first’ to ‘mobile only’. About 70% of software interactions in enterprises will take place in mobile devices, says the report from Enterprise CIO.

The enterprise mobility solution is gaining traction due to its faster and productive outcome, especially for users in remote locations or someone who are on field work.

Trend 3: Security

Today’s apps come with excellent UI/UX topography, but somehow many of them lack the necessary security. developers and app owners have come to realize that focusing on good security is as crucial as other aspects of the app.

Users are more concerned about security now than before. This, obviously, is due to the rising online threats. But strangely, many apps do not adhere to the safety measures, and are still ignorant about online threats. Recently, a few top tech companies did a detailed analysis on the robustness of today’s apps. The output alarmed them. Majority of the apps they tested had failed security tests and were vulnerable to online threats.

So, security will be one of the top priorities this year, forcing developers to brace up to counter this challenge in the best possible methods they could.

Trend 4: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

As the net is spreading wider and wider, the attention span and the patience of users is greatly reducing. A mobile page taking a few seconds extra can send the viewer flying to other pages that open faster. Be it the information in the app, or on the web, developers are scrambling to bring in the new methods to create pages that are nimble and offers information to viewers in the quickest possible ways.

You can see Accelerated Mobile Pages on the Google mobile search, sitting on the top, enticing  browsers. Also, these pages give a different visual appeal to make viewers click on them, and the way they are displayed have helped them gain excellent click-through rates.

AMPs are becoming vital in cementing one’s digital presence. According to research conducted by SOASTA, 53% of users abandon mobile sites when it fails to load within 3 seconds.

So, in order to thrive, AMP will soon become a must-have component for ‘mobile first’ or ‘mobile only’ apps in delivering agile interaction ,and to gain stronger digital presence.

Trend 5: Immersive Experience

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) are already changing the rules of the user experience in several industries. These technologies have turned ‘user experience’ into ‘immersive experience’. And the app world does not want to be left behind. We cannot forget the buzz Pokemon Go has created, can we? More and more apps are bringing AR, VR and MR into the equation, and the results have been extraordinary.

Consider the tech giants for a moment. If you notice, in most instances, the giant conglomerates are the first to leverage latest innovations. Google for example, has been experimenting with these technologies for some time now. You could see the impact their HoloLens headsets has created. Apple is implementing its own methodology to weave magic around immersive experience. The upcoming iPhone 8 is already making noise about its in-built Augmented Reality capability to woo its users.


Trend 6: User developed apps

Last but not the least, the trend of user developed apps is rising on the horizon. Building an app is a complex business, right? Well, looks like that definition is going to change soon. If you ask why, Google App Maker is the answer to begin with, because it allows its potential customers to build functionalities like project management, Customer Support, and CRM using simple drag and drop options. That’s how simple building apps are likely to get. Not that it is going to replace developers, the user developed apps could be an alternative – a different approach to make things easier for the users.

Code-less apps are rising. There will be either no coding at all or less coding will be involved in creating apps. You may not be a developer or a coder, but one day you may be in position to develop your own apps for the market.

End note

As mentioned earlier the apps are on steady rise, and as we cross each horizon we are faced with a new set of challenges. Just as every year, this year too throws up some interesting trends to the app developers, but only to help them make way for creating an enriching user experience.

If you are interested in what’s trending, or how technology is empowering businesses across the globe, check out our other blogs, which can help you gain insight on the tech world.

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