The significant enhancement in the healthcare industry is apparent, and a big chunk of credit can safely be attributed to technology, especially mobility. Over the recent years, mobility has played key role in empowering the healthcare industry, enabling them to deliver care in a way never before.

The healthcare industry is a big and a complicated one to begin with. However, with mobility making a foray, it has, in several ways simplified the process and helped redefine structural operations and end user experience in awe-inspiring ways. Mobile strategies, with agile functionalities, are being developed by innovators for a more engaging collaboration between the providers and the consumers, thus leading to effective risk management, reduced cost and increased revenues for healthcare clients.

Let’s look how companies are empowering healthcare industries through their mobility services. Before that, let’s take quick glance at the advantages of the mobility in the health industry.

  • Optimized communication and effective collaboration between patient, providers and peers
  • Making data easily accessible
  • Enhanced workflow and efficient implementation
  • Agile technology delivers better care in shorter time, leading to better     outcomes
  • Better patient care through continuous connectivity
  • Streamlining workflow and equipments faster, leading to increased productivity

With mobility transforming certain healthcare industry, it has a created pressing need for others to follow suit to be abreast with them in terms of scope, revenue and overall growth. This situation has made mobility sort of ubiquitous in the healthcare space.

Cisco, a leading provider of IT, has banked on mobility, and has been delivering services to its healthcare clients to improve its patient care paradigm. For example, their CMX (Connected Mobile Experience) is aimed to deliver optimum connectivity with their customers, where they can analyse visitor behaviour, engage with them in a more personal level, and track equipment and people accurately.

Their other solutions include personalized patient engagement, remote care & collaboration delivery, and solution to improve workplace efficiency. Today, Cisco is offering its tech solutions to more than 13,000 hospitals and clinics, to around 3000 medical manufacturers, covering 118 countries around the globe.

If Cisco alone is empowering healthcare in such scale, it is not hard to image the rate of mobility reaching to other healthcare centers.

Doctors are increasingly going the ‘Apps way’ as technology has empowered  gadget to be used as an alternative for equipment. For instance, mobile sensors are playing a crucial role in helping doctors to identify health problems. And it goes beyond that by allowing them to geographically locate, synch with patient records, and share with other physicians or doctors.

And there is Telehealth. The the federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) defines telehealth as: “The use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration.”

Samsung, the smartphone conglomerate, doesn’t want to stay behind. It’s  Mobility Better Patient Care offers a wide range of solutions encouraging healthcare industries to go mobile, reinvent, and leverage on the mobility service they offer. Electronic Health Reporter claims that over 247 million people have downloaded healthcare app looking for medical support, and it goes on to say that over 48% of consumers believe that mobile-enabled healthcare can improve healthcare quality.

Considering the increasing rate of healthcare companies adopting mobility, no doubt the technology is changing the face of the industry. Mobility, though does not help overcome all the challenges, is definitely gaining traction, and is well on its way in empowering healthcare industry on a rapid scale.

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