6 Lesser Known Ways How Mobile Apps are Driving Revenue for Businesses

The objective here is to move beyond the customary tips and offer you something distinct. Let us dig a bit deeper to widen our understanding about monetization through mobile apps. You will be shown some of the lesser known (or implemented) strategies on how to engineer your mobile apps to drive revenue for your business. … Continue reading “6 Lesser Known Ways How Mobile Apps are Driving Revenue for Businesses”

Artificial Intelligence: Spearheading Banking Industry into the Future

Artificial Intelligence is a combination of three technologies – machine learning, natural language processing and cognitive computing. If you take a closer look, all these three have something to do with human traits. If there is one technology that’s impacting banking like no other, it ought to be Artificial Intelligence. Among other industries banks’ adoption … Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence: Spearheading Banking Industry into the Future”

Augmented Reality’s Bespoke Solutions for Healthcare Industry

The practical application of Augmented Reality in Healthcare is widening. Health experts, leveraging AR’s flexibility, are digging deeper into some of the most complex issues they face and see how AR can untangle that complexity. Visual demonstration of a specific part of the anatomy of a specific patient is one of the biggest challenges. Today, … Continue reading “Augmented Reality’s Bespoke Solutions for Healthcare Industry”

Augmented Reality in Retail – A deeper analysis

It’s time to move over Pokemon Go and get into the serious business of Augmented Reality (AR). The AR technology is no longer a fun quotient. It’s more of a value-adding element for businesses. Among other industries, the retail industry is witnessing stupendous demand in incorporating AR into their day-to-day business operations. Call it going … Continue reading “Augmented Reality in Retail – A deeper analysis”

Reinforcement Learning – A Technology with a Human Touch

How computer programs are trained to think like humans without expert supervision Okay, so the fast-evolving technology has another ‘formidable offspring’, Reinforcement Learning. It’s so astounding in its functionality that it’s one of the breakthrough technologies of 2017, transforming industries across the world. So, that makes it worthy to be called so. Let’s see what … Continue reading “Reinforcement Learning – A Technology with a Human Touch”

New-age Startup Engagements

How large companies are coming out of their comfort zone to fish out the best startup innovators. Startups are sort of becoming omnipresent. We see them everywhere. As new startups keep emerging, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them strive just on VC’s. To achieve a wider reach, startups are collaborating with larger companies to … Continue reading “New-age Startup Engagements”

The Changing Face of FINTECH

Considering the fact that Financial industry is sort of entrenched in its traditional functionalities, and also being a massive industry, one wondered if it would ever be regulated by the blooming disruptions. As it happened, over the recent years, financial industry witnessed a great change in their landscape, adapting new innovations and steadily transforming everything … Continue reading “The Changing Face of FINTECH”

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