We believe that ingenious ideas powered by right technologies can aid social enterprises in turning passive audiences into engaging participants.

In order to accomplish this, we have brought a wide range of tools and expertise into our fold. As a result, our ‘social’ clients have experienced a surge in end-user interaction, brand visibility, and overall customer satisfaction. Our solutions have been an effective enabler for businesses in empowering and strategically aligning themselves with the emerging technologies for optimum results and make their presence felt.


Emerging Technology

Our Capabilities

Social Media Apps

As gadgets get smarter, we too get smarter with our social media apps! Get the best of the latest offerings in the social app innovation, and be on par with your competitors.

Consumer Application

We help our clients attract consumers, build better collaboration, and aim for increased productivity through endless options.


Customer Stories


Coastered is an ultimate digital pocket guide. It helps you find the best places to eat, drink, shop or visit – in any city in the world through your close friends and family.

Key Features:

  • Store your memorable moments of a favorite place or a must-visit place, with pictures and through pictures; so you never forget!
  • Tell them ‘wish you were there’ or ‘wish we did this together’
  • Store things for yourself through ‘wish i did this’ feature
  • Emotions gets stored in the app as a ‘coaster’ reminding the receiver what he/she missed.
  • Give a chance to your friend/family to reciprocate your feelings by visiting the favorite place. 

Tell Coastered your favorite moments, where you missed your family/friend, and the app gets to part that emotion on his/her side.

Client: Coastered Technologies

Location: India
Tech stackNative IOS & Android ,Node.js, Express.js, OrientDB


It is a fun app where users can invite friends to an event and also be informed about current events happening their neighborhood.

Location: USA
Tech Stack : Runs on both iOS and Android platforms (Ionic Platform)