Ideaplunge was born to create, ideate, innovate and deliver. Working with ideas that plunge right into the heart of the business matter, we research, analyse, build, develop and design ‘stuff’ for businesses.

At Ideaplunge we believe in collaboration and working in tandem to deliver solutions that are a win-win for the business and for the end-customer. From UI/ UX design, building awesome apps on Android and iOS for mobile and web, to visualization of Big Data analytics, we create outcomes that are born of a client’s need, aspirations and goals.

Launch Pad

Launch Pad is the runway from which your business can actually take off. Startups usually have three constraints – money, time and people. At Ideaplunge,
we know what that means and are flexible in our approach to working with them. Our expert team helps to design, build and help execute MVPs for startups that could play a pivotal role in catapulting the startup from an idea to reality. For established businesses, Ideaplunge details out the goals of the business and draws out solution road maps to achieve the required results in a structured, timely and most significantly, a cost effective manner.


Experience Design (UI/UX)

Experience comes first. We put ourselves in the end-user’s shoes and think of what they’d like to experience. Customer insights combined with experience, expertise, and client needs drives our UI/UX design approach. It leads us to quality design and attention to detail helping us achieve customer-centric  UI/UX that is interactive, aesthetic and supremely functional.

Mobility – App Development

The world is on mobile and bringing interactivity that functions on phones across sizes and platforms gives the team at Ideaplunge an app-rush. We don’t shy from refining it endlessly till we get it right, till we are supremely confident and satisfied. Because at the end of the day, the end-result must bring more customers, more business, more fun and more enablement into our lives and help us grow. Our tech stack: Android, iOS, Ionic and PhoneGap


Web Application Development

Is it user-friendly and does it meet the client requirements? Is it adaptive and does its interface interfere with or enhance functionality? These are key questions we ask ourselves when we begin building bespoke web applications for specific business requirements from unified dashboards to admin control and more. We transform ideas into a scalable and flexible architecture application. Our tech stack include: Mean, Java, .Net and Php.


Data Science 

Businesses are fuelled by data. But data can be meaningless if not analysed well or presented in a meaningful and visually arresting manner. To unlock insights that are embedded within data, we at Ideaplunge organize, refine and visualize data that transform business decisions leading to outcomes that are optimal for businesses, consumers and enterprises. Our advanced analytics capabilities combined with our knowledge of predictive modeling, data mining and machine learning gives us a competitive edge when it comes to deciphering data in a manner that makes sense. Our tech stack includes: R, MongoDB, Hadoop and Spark.