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Our offerings are focused on adding value at every step, from design to delivery. Our engagement models are simple, efficient and are aimed to take advantage of the years of experience we have gained in building solutions at every scale.


At the very heart of our technology capability is Mobility

We are one of the fastest-growing Android/iPhone application developers around, delivering high standard, scalable and cutting-edge mobile solutions for startups and enterprises.

Consumer Apps

We’ll help you take user-engagement and functionality to a higher level

We bring in excellent and reliable design framework to craft your consumer apps. Having crafted varied apps such as social engagement, location-based mobile discovery, m-commerce, eCommerce and others, we’ve acquired immense technology expertise along with solid, hands-on industry experience. At Ideaplunge, we build consumer apps that are sassy, user-friendly, and powerful, aimed to empower your brand.

Enterprise Apps

Powering up enterprises through our holistic and flawless app solutions

Being one of the leading android application development companies in Bangalore, we develop enterprise apps with the aim to aid an enterprise in its business-related requirements, like focusing on collaboration, improving workplace productivity, and helping in marketing a specific product of a particular enterprise. Be it iOS, Android or Cloud, we focus on its efficiency, so their role can prove to be a priceless element for an enterprise.



Technologies we use

As a rule, we at Ideaplunge smartly leverage the technology to empower businesses which thrive on mobility. We expertly weave latest mobile innovations into the relevant facets of your business for a productive outcome.

Native Apps

Yes, these apps are developed specifically for a device or platform, where they interact with and take advantage of the operating system and its features on that device. Since it is tailor-made to suit a particular hardware and operating system, the associated data of the native apps too is stored in the same device. It also makes use of technologies available on that device, like camera, GPS, address book etc.

Tech Stack


Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are a combination of native apps and web apps, bringing in the best of both worlds, which means the hybrid’s infrastructure is native while its content is web-based. Hybrid offers less development time, portable content, and reduced cost of development. We have a dedicated team of hybrid app developers, to help you decide how you can leverage hybrid app to bring flexibility and scalability into your product.

Tech Stack




Emotions experienced travelling around the world are complete only when they are shared. Different places evokes different emotions. Every time you visit a place, it somehow reminds you of someone special – it could be your friend, your loved one, or your family.

However, you need something to capture and share that very moment and express it what you feel at that moment.
Capturing and sharing that split second of your emotion before it vanishes is the idea behind Coastered.


Lola is an e-commerce app, conceptualized to increase the visibility and reachability of brands and their offers to potential consumers.
Consumers get to know about the offers only on certain mediums, like newspapers, billboards, and of course on the internet. How about consumers are notified of the best offers from their favorite brands, and many other brands at that – all the time.
Lola also acts as a one-stop-app for locating coolest offers from various brands in your entire city and within your vicinity.


Smiled is a location-based mobile discovery platform that lets you discover, experience and share positive smiled moments.

Our client wanted Smiled to be high on functionality, have friendly interface, operation finesse, enticing UX (User Experience) design, and robust with excellent privacy settings.

We engaged with the client on various stages and delivered what exactly they needed. With years for experience in Mobile App development, it is something we always do with ease.

The end result was as they had envisioned.

Today, the app has received excellent reviews, and has reached over 50,000 downloads!


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