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Our offerings are focused on adding value at every step, from design to delivery. Our engagement models are simple, efficient and are aimed to take advantage of the years of experience we have gained in building solutions at every scale.


At the very heart of our technology capability is Mobility

We are one of the fastest-growing Android/iPhone application developers around, delivering high standard, scalable and cutting-edge mobile solutions for startups and enterprises.

Consumer Apps

We’ll help you take user-engagement and functionality to a higher level

We bring in excellent and reliable design framework to craft your consumer apps. Having crafted varied apps such as social engagement, location-based mobile discovery, m-commerce, eCommerce and others, we’ve acquired immense technology expertise along with solid, hands-on industry experience. At Ideaplunge, we build consumer apps that are sassy, user-friendly, and powerful, aimed to empower your brand.


Visual appeal is one of the most crucial and must-have elements while building consumer apps. More prominence is given to UX/UI designing, hence there is actually no limit for making your app as stunning as possible as long as it does not overshadow the purpose of the app. The best mobile app development companies always deploy excellent design frameworks that not just makes it look appealing, but also helps put users at ease instantly.

Functionality and User Engagement

Since consumers apps face severe competition, today, it is highly challenging to create a competitive edge and keep your app in power for longer time. In order to achieve this, app owners are taking functionality and user engagement pretty seriously. The app should be simple, yet high on functionality and help engage its users in a seamless fashion. Along with a great design, these are the other two aspects that could literally take consumer apps to a higher level.

Other Features

Unlike enterprise apps, consumer apps employ several features to make the app more interesting and to draw more users, such as, push notifications to quickly update users, download speed, reviews and feedback metrics to analyze user behavior, social media integration, advertisements, and so on.

Enterprise Apps

Powering up enterprises through our holistic and flawless app solutions

Being one of the leading android application development companies in Bangalore, we develop enterprise apps with the aim to aid an enterprise in its business-related requirements, like focusing on collaboration, improving workplace productivity, and helping in marketing a specific product of a particular enterprise. Be it iOS, Android or Cloud, we focus on its efficiency, so their role can prove to be a priceless element for an enterprise.


Instead of being vibrant and dazzling, the design of enterprise apps employs design and structure that is built around simplifying a business module, they are utilitarian, aids in overcoming conflicting business trade offs, and usually not fancy rather built around fulfill the needs of the B2B audience. More prominence is given to the flow of information than just the look of it.

Functionaity and Data

Generic functions would not suffice as enterprise apps are crafted to address specific business needs of that particular organization. The approach is more pragmatic than idealistic. Not that the functionality of an enterprise is complicated. The functionality can be as lively as a consumer app, but the focus here is to make the employee of the organization fell well-equipped and effortlessly leverage business processes.


For obvious reasons enterprise apps calls for stringent protocols and high-level security. Given to the complex structure of the business structure and confidential data involved, it is imperative to have only experts and experienced developers to build and maintain the apps. That’s why enterprise mobile app developers take great care while building security aspects into the apps.


Technologies we use

As a rule, we at Ideaplunge smartly leverage the technology to empower businesses which thrive on mobility. We expertly weave latest mobile innovations into the relevant facets of your business for a productive outcome.

Native Apps

Yes, these apps are developed specifically for a device or platform, where they interact with and take advantage of the operating system and its features on that device. Since it is tailor-made to suit a particular hardware and operating system, the associated data of the native apps too is stored in the same device. It also makes use of technologies available on that device, like camera, GPS, address book etc.


Get that native look and feel

The name would give you an idea about the look and feel of your app. Yes, native apps gives you that native look, making the app look like as if it’s your default app. It also offers optimum user experience as possible.

Master them with ease

One of the biggest advantages of natives apps is its uncomplicated User Interface (UI). The UI of these apps flow smoothly where users can get accustomed to it pretty quickly and navigate it effortlessly.


As you might have come across that if an app loading time takes two or three second more than usual, the user is likely to abandon the app. With native app, that concern can be ridden off. Native apps are known for their excellent speed and quick response. Now wonder why biggies like LinkedIn and Facebook have moved back to native apps for its speedy performance.


Since their nature of residing on the mobile, and using the mobile security features, native apps   are usually considered safe and secure.

Tech Stack


An open-source, cross-platform framework to develop mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Unlike iOS, Android is an incredibly customizable operating system, using which you could build apps that can be used on a wide range of devices. Today, Android is the most widely used OS on smartphones and dominating mobile app platforms in the world, surpassing iOS in terms of market share and global reach.

Features and benefits of Android:

Custom ROM (where one can create their own OS from it)

Amazing customization

Excellent screen resolution (4K is the current craze)

Offers more storage space

Tethering – where you can use your phone as a wireless/wired hotspot


Is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc., exclusively designed to run only on Apple’s smart devices. iOS gives more prominence to security and is robust compared to other mobile operating systems. Unlike other mobile OS, the iOS does not allow you to download apps from unknown sources. It has its own restrictions in downloading and using apps from other sources. Also, building apps using iOS are expensive compared to other mobile operating systems, but that is compensated with the rich and secure features it offers. Today, iOS is the most trusted and reliable mobile platform in the world.

Features and benefits of iOS:

Excellent UI and fluid responsive

High on security

More user-friendly

Multi-language support

Jailbreaking for customization

Great for media entertainment

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are a combination of native apps and web apps, bringing in the best of both worlds, which means the hybrid’s infrastructure is native while its content is web-based. Hybrid offers less development time, portable content, and reduced cost of development. We have a dedicated team of hybrid app developers, to help you decide how you can leverage hybrid app to bring flexibility and scalability into your product.


Work offline

Having native infrastructure throws another advantage for hybrid – ability to work offline. Though not strictly offline (obviously data cannot be updated), users can still load the app and access previously loaded data. Data created while the app is offline – like surveys, forms etc., are stored in the device and are sent to the server as soon as the internet connection is re-established.

Easy access to device data

Since it uses native infrastructure, just like the native, hybrid apps too can access device data gathered by in-built mobile features such as camera, GPS, push notification, address book etc.


Apart from taking lesser cost and time to develop, another advantage of hybrid apps are its ability to scale to other platforms. This is because the web technology it uses is similar to other operating systems, so all a developer has to do is, simply reuse the code instead of the cumbersome process of re-building the app from the scratch.

Faster deployment

If you are on a tight deadline and need to release the app and penetrate the market as soon as possible, it is never a problem with hybrid. These apps are quick to build and fast to deploy, which helps you to easily align your competitive edge strategy along with the app launch.

Tech Stack


Is an complete open-source SDK. The recent versions of Ionic is built on Angular and uses web technologies such as HTML 5, CSS, and SaaS to create Hybrid mobile apps. It is also used as front-end UI framework in producing slick design, animations, and plays a key role in overall look and feel of the app. It delivers fully cross-platform, top-class documentation, and premier native plug-ins to build highly interactive native and progressive web apps. The Ionic Creator is a drag and drop tool used in building interfaces.


phonegap app development bangalore

Is an open-source, cross-platform mobile application container technology, now owned by Adobe, which allows to create mobile apps using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. PhoneGap’s API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to access native OS functionality through JavaScript. By using its JavaScript-to-native interaction mechanism you could write ‘native plugins’.

React Native

It is a framework created by Facebook. Using React Native you could build a real mobile app that is similar and indistinguishable from a typical app built using Java or Objective-C. It is described as ‘A JavaScript library for building user interfaces’. It is a widely preferred option to build performant Android and iOS apps. Since it uses the same fundamental UI building blocks just as the regular Android and iOS apps, developers just have to put these blocks together using React and JavaScript.   


Emotions experienced travelling around the world are complete only when they are shared. Different places evokes different emotions. Every time you visit a place, it somehow reminds you of someone special – it could be your friend, your loved one, or your family.

However, you need something to capture and share that very moment and express it what you feel at that moment.
Capturing and sharing that split second of your emotion before it vanishes is the idea behind Coastered.


Lola is an e-commerce app, conceptualized to increase the visibility and reachability of brands and their offers to potential consumers.
Consumers get to know about the offers only on certain mediums, like newspapers, billboards, and of course on the internet. How about consumers are notified of the best offers from their favorite brands, and many other brands at that – all the time.
Lola also acts as a one-stop-app for locating coolest offers from various brands in your entire city and within your vicinity.


Smiled is a location-based mobile discovery platform that lets you discover, experience and share positive smiled moments.

Our client wanted Smiled to be high on functionality, have friendly interface, operation finesse, enticing UX (User Experience) design, and robust with excellent privacy settings.

We engaged with the client on various stages and delivered what exactly they needed. With years for experience in Mobile App development, it is something we always do with ease.

The end result was as they had envisioned.

Today, the app has received excellent reviews, and has reached over 50,000 downloads!


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