Healthcare industry has been witnessing exponential changes in the recent times. The intersection of health offerings and technology is making way for new disruptions.

We underpin these new disruptions by delivering the most in-demand solutions replacing archaic methods with contemporary medium and practice.
Ideaplunge has been a major driving force behind some of the top healthcare companies in helping deliver disruptive services. Several healthcare companies have benefited through our solutions, and were able to provide a slick and hassle-free user interface achieving their new standard of care.
We have developed apps for both iPhone and iPad with improved and inviting product visualization with videos, photos, and product details for a more engaging and patient-centric output.
We are HIPPA compliant. [HIPPA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act]
We care for health industries that cares for global health.

Emerging Technology

Our Capabilities

eSales Enablement:

Enabling our clients with appropriate tools and content for a continuous and systematic engagement with their target stakeholders.


Formulating right channels to reach right customers through relevant data and insights for better marketing campaigns and improved ROI

Device Integration

Capture medical device data for a simplified work flow process, clinical research, documentation, alarm management and more.


Take full advantage of our IoT [Internet of Things] offering and leverage the contemporary solutions that has been reshaping the healthcare industry.


Customer Stories


Titan Spine is an E-detailing application with details about pharmaceutical products and replacement spinal cord parts. It assists sales people in introducing these products to doctors with a detailed description of each product along with its characteristics.

Other features include:

  • Content Management System in the back end, with dynamic data that can be updated
  • A sales performance tracking tool
  • Designed to measure individual sales person’s performance by measuring the amount of time invested in explaining the details to the doctor.

Client: Q3 Interactive
Location: USA
Tech stackNative IOS 


The client is a global market leader in providing orthopaedic and medical solutions, with offices worldwide and and impressive global distribution network.
Ideaplunge designed an app for both iPhone and iPad. With this app, one can browse through events, view photo galleries, product details, document libraries, watch videos and explore interactive 3D product models..

Client: Q3 Interactive
Location: Florida, USA
Tech Stack : Android


OsteoMed is a global leader in innovating, developing, manufacturing and marketing world class surgical implants and powered surgical instruments.

Ideaplunge developed ExtremiFix, an exclusive portal to showcase their products (cannulated screw system designed to address foot, ankle, and long bone indications) and services. The portal is an amalgamation of Content, Videos and downloadable materials.

We have also built another portal called Pinnacle, named after their signature product – a powered surgical instrument – which showcases the salient features of the same.

Client: OsteoMed
Location: Texas, USA
Tech Stack used:Native Ios