Morphing Ideas Into Products

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An idea is only as good as an idea, unless it goes through a transformation phase supported by the pillars of innovation. Ideaplunge employs its signature method to sketch you a complete cycle of metamorphosis – from idea into a practicable output.

We don’t just view ideas. We nurture it, evaluate it, formulate a plan, and suggest with the most feasible innovation to give a life to it.

A congenial blueprint is drafted, which highlights the salient features of the soon- to-be-product. And then we give a form to the blueprint through a contemporary design, etching out the finer details.

We ascertain the design makes sense, and then a complete working prototype is built around it.

Once the prototype is in accordance with the envisioned output, a final, flawlessly working product is brought out, ensuring that it has all the markings of the idea and credibility to serve its purpose.


Within the layers of our five step process – Idea, Blueprint, Design, Prototype, and Product – a lot more goes into the making of successful products. Our approach, right from the initial stage, is exhaustive and aimed at leaving no stone unturned.

Through the idea, we cleave out a detailed three step process:

Mind Map answers the areas of Personas – who the users are, what they are looking for, what they would get out the product.

Visions – what would be the vision of the product.

Goal(s) – does the product have all the hallmark to reach its goal

Features focuses on the User Stories, Touch Points (does it have the ability to reach its prospective customers), and Backlog.

At the Validation stage we check the accuracy of the product, see if it weighs the priorities rightly, and then sketch out a thorough framework for a strong engagement model, which facilitates an effective collaboration between the client and the consumer.

Our Engineers

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CEO / Chief Architect
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Chief - Operations
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Technical Lead
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Application Developer

We craft

A starting point should be a strong point. Excellence in giving form to ideas has become a habit. Radical results are obtained by pushing the boundaries of the conventional approach


Mobility has empowered us to run enterprises using our gadgets, while we are on the fly. Is your big idea driven around mobility? We’ll help you get on this bandwagon before it’s too late.

We settle for nothing less than powerful and capable web apps that change the rules for good. They are not just slick in interaction, cool in design and transition, but are also well thought out to deliver a competitive advantage.

Web Apps
Data Science

A clear understanding of data science and formulating ingenuous ways to extract insights from a large amount of data is our forte. This has raised the bar for our future projects.

Blending virtual products into the real environment in real time is something your business really needs? Come aboard, we’ll tell you how best to revamp your business with AR.

Augmented Reality

We handle both simple and challenging Content Management Solutions for our clients. Be it Enterprise Content Management or Web Content Management, our end-to-end solutions have facilitated and redefined workspaces across all verticals.

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