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We are experts in building highly interactive bird’s-eye-view of your product through brilliant, scalable, robust and customized dashboards to add a new dimension to your workspace.


Fostering better business intelligence through astute visualization

We are a solidly established dashboard design company around, building highly interactive bird’s-eye-view of your product through brilliant, scalable, robust and customized dashboards to add a new dimension to your workspace.

Why choose Ideaplunge?

Ideaplunge is well-known for its excellent array of graphical softwares, especially dashboards. We have created productive and ingenious dashboards for top industries such as Retail and Healthcare. Ideaplunge methodology takes a dissimilar approach while creating dashboards. Any dashboards will work, but we strive to build one that works for you. We know the significance of dashboards, as they can be extremely valuable to businesses in not just offering powerful insights, but also in revealing problems which enables and facilitates business people to take relevant and timely action. Through the dashboards we create, we help businesses view and understand data in the right perspective and help them achieve a better grasp on it.

Ideaplunge is also one of the fastest-growing WordPress development companies in India.

Dashboards We Craft:    • Analytic          • Operational          • Strategic          • Executive

BUILD WITH US. Ideaplunge dashboard offerings:

• Display, manage and map valuable metrics to address corporate objectives
• Give immediate attention to issues through ‘cause-and-effect’ principle
• Segregate and view insightful data through 3D, colors, shapes, charts, graphs etc.
• View KPIs, sales pipeline, management costs, account performance and more through rich
graphical representation
• View historical and current data with ease
• Analyze information and share results quickly and efficiently
• Highly interactive and customized dashboards
• Make decisions on real-time information
• Personalize, assemble and interact with various content in real-time
• Collaborate with various groups in a single dashboard with comments or annotation

6 Critical elements to make your dashboards effective.

1. Have ‘sound’ data, not ‘loud’ data:
Well, what we mean is that, of many requirements, dashboard is one of the effective tools for any organization to capitalize on data. Neither keep less data, nor stuff it with too much data. Just have the right data to ‘effectively record and communicate information’. If someone looks at your dashboard confusingly, it’s time to rebuild.

2. Have KPIs that drive action:
What’s the difference between metric and KPI? Well, a metric is the one that shows your information, however a KPI is an information that drives action. Apart from metrics, your dashboard must consist right KPIs that drives action.

3. Let there be customization and interaction:
One dashboard for all reasons and all seasons will never work. An effective dashboard is the one the at lets user explore and customize data. Looking at the same data in a same style everyday is monotony, instead, create dashboards that allows you to showcase data in a different ways.

4. Speak in the language of colors:

Since dashboards deal with data and nothing but data, accentuate it with colors shapes and other eye-pleasing elements – without being distractive. If a threshold is showing ‘highs’ and ‘lows’, show them with colors that views quickly understand. If you weave your data story through colors, your dashboard is more likely to become one of the lovable tools of your organization.

5. Real-time data:
In this context, the whole purpose of having a dashboard is access current updates of your organization instantly. Displaying real-time data on the dashboard makes it a valuable tool to understanding business better and take timely informed decisions.

6. Flexible architecture:
Yes. A great dashboard is fine, however, if it is confined or restricts itself to a particular environment, the whole purpose is lost. Make your dashboards flexible and adaptable. Let it seamlessly blend with other softwares, have the ability to be moved around locations [e.g cloud], and is flexible enough to adapt to the changing technology.

Retail census

A Data Science application made for Hope Research, USA, using MEAN stack that uses dashboards to display information like the brand availability, competition analytics, brand health tracking and the brand marketing etc. about a particular brand in a store.

The information helps the end customers, who are the FMCG companies like Coca Cola, Nestle, and Mars etc. to improve the sales strategy of the brand. It is also used as a collaboration tool to view the other end customers’ profiles.


A comprehensive decision support solution for planning teams in a dynamic, high-tech discrete manufacturing environments!

It allows for data maintenance across multiple systems, iterative scenario planning, and evaluation of outcomes.
It provides platforms for streamlined data modeling plan consumption.
It increases the adoption of SAP SCM across the enterprise and simplifies the process of integrating new planners into the team by reducing the learning curve.

Key Highlight – The integration with SAP – PI, which was delivered in incredibly shortest time to the client who had decades experience in dealing with SAP.


The PopProbe app was designed for Hope Research, USA. The ICE Protocol Dashboard has over twenty million entries in the database related to products in stores.

It is mainly used to boost the sales of a product present in a store by measuring its key performance indicators (KPI) against features like customer experience, product freshness, price compliance etc.


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