journey towards

step by step

You have kick-ass of an idea, but feel that the technology is too overwhelming? That is exactly where we take the plunge. Our technology expertise facilitate businesses in turning their big ideas into flawlessly functioning products.

October 2012

From Humble Beginnings

Just as the saying goes ‘small beginnings make great endings’, it all began with 2 minds ideating under the mercy of a garage.

July 2013

We’re now Inc.

Few months was all we needed to take a super leap and go public. Company Incorporated in July. Our first big toast of success!

March 2014

Creating prominence

After a frenzy of ideation and project-cracking - our works began to speak. This year, successful and satisfied client stories began to emerge.

May 2015

On our expansion mode

All the hard and smart work paved way for a vertical move with 15 bright minds added. The muse began to show.

September 2016

Bracing up for bigger challenges

A BIG team in place! Proved our mettle as one of the fastest growing companies by building and delivering end-to-end technology solutions. Our client list now include companies of national and international repute.

February 2017

Success saga continues...

Getting unstoppable. Adding several feathers in our cap. Being a game-changer in technology solutions space, we continue to co-create and contribute to the growth of top companies across the globe.