Dreamforce 2018, September 25, San Francisco

The association of Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is not new. The two companies have shared a good business relationship for some time now, and with the Dreamforce 2018 (Salesforce’s biggest customer conference) announcement they’ve decided to the take the relationship to the next level.

Sources say that the new product integration deal made between the two companies is aimed to simplify how customers can share and synchronize data across AWS and Salesforce, and help CIOs reduce IT complexities and deliver business value faster. Apart from helping CIOs and customers, it is apparent that this move is a strategic effort to strengthen and expand their ties on a global scale.

At the conference, it was announced that the two companies will work together to integrate and deliver frameworks that connect Salesforce platform with Amazon Connect and AWS PrivateLink.

“…the integration is aimed to simplify how customers can share and synchronize data across AWS and Salesforce, and help CIOs reduce IT complexities and deliver business value faster.”

The integration focuses on the following areas:

1. AWS PrivateLink integration with Salesforce APIs
2. AWS Integration with Salesforce Platform Events
3. Integration with Amazon Connect for Salesforce Service Cloud

The Integration

1. AWS PrivateLink integration with Salesforce APIs: With this integration the AWS is said to allow SaaS application developers (who work on AWS) to offer private endpoints as an additional option for accessing their service. It will also provide endpoints for core Salesforce APIs within developers’ Amazon VPCs and vice versa.

It will offer a dedicated AWS network connection, which privately routes all traffic flow between Salesforce and AWS services on a dedicated Amazon network connection instead of public internet, thus greatly reducing the exposure to internet threats.

Customers will be able to use their PrivateLink-enable endpoints to do more with their end customer data – from big data analytics to machine learning – making it much easier to track customer insights than what is possible with the current method.

2. AWS integration with Salesforce Platform Events: Complex synchronization of data is an important requirement for building intelligent and connected customer experiences. More and more customers are building event-driven architectures that trigger processes in AWS based on data changes in Salesforce, and vice versa. AWS and Salesforce will now provide a new solution, which will enable customers to seamlessly publish and subscribe to Salesforce Platform Events in AWS. As a result, events in Salesforce, such as creation of a sales opportunity can then easily trigger actions in AWS Lambda and other AWS products.

Once the process is complete, the results will be published back to the Salesforce as Platform Events. With this solution in the fold, enterprises who manage fleets of connected devices on AWS would be able to leverage usage data to alert sales, service and marketing teams who use Salesforce. This will help them to proactively resolve customer incidents, generate sales leads, and cross-sell new services.

The AWS integration with Salesforce Platform Events is expected to be available in 2019.

3. Integration with Amazon Connect for Salesforce service cloud:

With this integration companies can gain the upper hand by leveraging the advantages of both worlds – the Amazon Connect (a self service, cloud-based contact center) and Salesforce Service Cloud. The combination of these two services give companies the power to tackle and support customer workflows between three of the most important contact center technologies: Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), CRM.

The integration of Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud also enables customers to build highly dynamic, AI-driven, self-service voice experiences with a Lightning-integrated agent and customer community.

It is said this collaboration may also include bots support, pre-built data and omni-channel integration, and AI built with Amazon Lex and Salesforce Einstein. Amazon Connect for Salesforce Service is now available where mutual customers can install the Amazon Connect CTI Adapter on the App Exchange.


Following the announcement of Apple partnering with Salesforce, the latter has raised huge expectations. Now, with the recent announcement of the integration between Salesforce and AWS, we see two of the most successful cloud companies come together to offer intuitive solutions. This, calls for us to expect something significant for both businesses and their customers. And we hope this association turns out to be an impactful one as well.


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