San Francisco-based company Creolabs have developed a new tool for building Native applications much faster. Traditionally, app development process is divided between design process and development process. With Creo, these two processes are clubbed into one, greatly reducing the overall development time.

Creo, according to its creators, is a unique proprietary technology designed to create native applications in just few minutes by helping developers to design and develop at the same time. Creolabs says that their aim was to build a complete ecosystem to speed up app designing and development process.

How it works

Creo uses CreoKit Objective-C/Swift native framework, which allows developers to execute any iOS code directly on Mac OS. Also, with the CreoKit you could always use Native components without having the need to use simulated or web-based code.

A typical mobile application is nothing but User Interface connected with some data. Creo combines these three elements to help you build mobile applications quickly and efficiently.

* Simple yet intuitive Drag and Drop systems allows developers to build user interfaces faster

* Using a powerful DataSet system the tool allows you to read and write data from a varied sources such as files, bluetooth, databases, sensors, camera, network and many others

* Its unique Events based system lets you write the connection code between your UI objects and data objects

Creo Interface

Creo Interface

                                   Source: Creolabs

1. Actions

2. Info Panel

3. Workspace

4. Containers Panel

5. Design Board

6. Inspector

7. Objects and Controls

8. Project

9. Layout

Creo Technology

Build as you design

What makes creo special is its ability to let you build the app as you design them. Since designing and building processes are bundled into one tool, every change you make is immediately reflected in real-time. Simply put, you are seeing on the screen what you’ll get on the mobile device – without a single line of code.

Working with real data

What many designers lack today is the facility of ease of working with real data. Be it text or photo or any other content, Creo facilitates you to connect real data to your interface in real-time, in a most efficient and easiest way.


Animations can give a leg-up to user experience and increase usability. They impart a touch and feel of important tasks being performed by the application. Creo offers an unique timeline interface with real-time feedback to create animations. Developers have to simply drop the objects they want to animate in the animation panel, experiment with settings and timings, and start creating animations. The results would be native Core Animation object, which will be executed at native speed on your device.


Gravity is a high performance new programming language from Creolabs. The language offers new syntax. And it is said that Gravity is the combination of Javascript, Think and Smalltalk packaged into a small virtual machine, which can efficiently run on any operating system.

Gravity is a class-based language, which also acts as a prototype language with functional programming paradigms. It is light, and once compiled, it is said to add just 30kb overhead to your app.


Inside Creo everything is an object, the UI control, database object, and animations. And each of these objects come with its predefined set of methods, properties and events which you can configure easily.


Handling data in Creo is said to be really flexible. The tool allows you set predefined data where you can use a spreadsheet like UI where you can connect databases with simple drag and drop interface. You can also manage different file formats and connect to every web app with a REST API.


With Creo previewing mobile application code on the Mac has become just as easy. Also, the tool offers a Native iOS apps that can run the Creo code developed on Mac. This way developers can get to see how their code will look on the target device. Testing Creo apps directly on mobile devices is easy.

Creo offers detailed documentation process for User Interface Creation, Objects and Events, Controls Customization, Bindings, Animations, DataSet, Runtime Mode, CreoPlayer, Build your app.

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