Apple has been following a customary procedure to not make massive changes to its new versions, sticking to tweaking or adding only a few features wherever it was necessary. However, with the release of its latest version, the iOS 11, the mega corporation has added a slew of features and revamped several aspects to enthrall its users.

Having said that, it does not mean that the latest version is a overhaul from A to Z. There are some areas where it made subtle changes, keeping the beloved features as is, and there are the areas where it has added new features and have given a completely new outlook. For example, this time Apple has given some prominence to iPads by adding new features and capabilities in an effort to make iPad experience more powerful and personal.

The new iOS 11 was announced on 5 June and was released on 19 September 2017.

Here, we bring you what the new iOS 11 version has in store for you – its features, the bugs, and the series of updates Apple released to fix those bugs.

Universal Features

Design changes
Redesigned App Store
Augmented Reality
Overhauled Control Center
Improved Siri
Apple Pay (peer-to-peer)
DND (Do Not Disturb) driving mode

Features exclusive for iPads

iPad Dock
Files app
Drag and drop facility
Apple pencil

I think a little bit more information about each of these features would help you get a gist of what they do.

Here we go.

Design changes: There are subtle design changes applied in the new version, and you could see and feel them throughout the Operating System. The trademark thin fonts have made way to bolder fonts. There are darker lines, and others like Apple news, Podcasts, and messages have gone through some design tweaks.

Image Source: Macroumors

Redesigned App Store: This is one of the biggest updates of iOS 11. And yes, the app store has been redesigned from ground up.

The Games and Apps section – which earlier was combined as one section – is now split into two seperate sections, and a new tab called Today has been added.

The Today tab showcases App of the Day, Game of the Day, app tutorials, editor’s choice of apps , must-read stories, expert recommendations, and more. The Game tab lets you discover new games and popular games, in-app purchases, and gaming tips. The App section is more organized now, and it makes it easier to find the right app you are looking for.

Image source: macworld

Augmented Reality: As announced at the WWDC, Apple has included the fast-growing Augmented Reality into its iOS 11. The latest version includes ARKit, which offers high-end AR capabilities, where users can add immersive and fantastic virtual elements to their real time surroundings in their gadgets.

Image source: Netstar

Drag and Drop: The new version has taken the drag and drop facility to the iPad. Users can now move files, text, and images from one app to another with ease. With seamless touch functionality, all one has to do is just touch and move anything, anywhere.

Overhauled Control Center: Earlier Control Center was split where by swiping you moved to the multiple windows. In version 11, it’s one single window, occupying the entire screen, and spruced up with new look and cool icons. You could customize the Control Center by adding home control, voice memo control, or use 3D touch to unlock more commands.

iPad Dock: Earlier, the dock was accessible only in the home screen, but now it can pulled up from anywhere. This new dock allows you to access frequently used apps and files – quickly and easily.

Improved Siri: Siri’s voice has been enhanced, sounding more natural than before. Other features added to Siri are multiple language translation (into French, German, Italian, Chinese and Spanish), better compatibility with Apple Music Store, and on-device learning.

Apple Pay (Peer to Peer): With online payment apps on the rise, it looks like it has raised bar high for Apple. So, it has introduced the Apple Pay – a person to person payment app. This feature allows users to send and receive money through iMessage, which is stored in iCloud.

DND (Do Not Disturb) Driving Mode: This feature is enabled automatically when it detects the motion of your vehicle. Your calls, texts, and notifications are automatically muted, but gives you an option to turn it on if needed. Looks like a life-saving addition 🙂


File apps: This feature lists all the files that are stored locally, in iCloud, in third party services like Google Drive and Dropbox, and in apps. It helps the users to access, organize and manage files in one place.

Apart from the above, it also offers other features like, improved Portrait Mode and Live Photos, Lock Screen and Notification Center has been merged into one, and the adoption of HEIF and HEVC formats for less storage consumption of videos and photos.

Bugs and fixes through Updates

After the launch of the latest version, when users began to face some issues, Apple released a series of updates to fix various bugs. Here are a list of updates released to fix some of the widely-faced issues.

iOS 11.0.1 Update
This was the first update to roll out, on 26 September, to fix:

MS Outlook/Exchange Server issues (which were stopping emails from sending)
Changes to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to help pacify battery issues.

iOS 11.0.2
Released on 3 October, this update fixes the following issues:

When it caused some photos to be hidden.

When some attachments in S/MIME encrypted mails would not open
Crackling sounds during calls.

iOS 11.1 Update
Released on 31 October, this update fixes Krack Wi-Fi hack vulnerability and is used to bring back the 3D Touch app switcher from the previous version (iOS 10).

iOS 11.1.1 Update
Released on 12 November, this updated was designed to fix keyboard auto-correct issue and Hey Siri stops working issue.

iOS 11.1.2 Update
Released on 16 November, this update was released to fix iPhone X ‘temporarily unresponsive screen’ issue.

iOS 11.2 Update
After the launch, on 2 December, the iOS 11 caused iPhones to crash. To counter this problem, iOS 11.2 was released, which fixed that bug.

Some users were facing issues with typos. The word ‘it’ showed up as ‘I.T’ and ‘is’ as I.S.
The 11.2 update fixed these problems too.

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